Nicholas is a staff writer at Photodoto. His interests include photography, collecting cameras old and new, video editing, and all things 3d. If a new gadget comes out on the market, he's sure to be the first to try it. He enjoys experimenting with low light photography, very long exposures and high speed filming.

Is Photography an Expensive Hobby? The Honest Truth

Many people are interested in taking up photography as their hobby.

photographer on a mountain

There are some costs involved in photography, which are pretty high compared to other hobbies like painting, stitching, etc. So, how much will it cost? How to reduce the cost? We will find the answers to all these questions through this guide. Let us get started.

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How to Promote a Photography Page on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories witnesses 500 million regular users looking for the latest trends, products, and services. 58% of these users say they created a special liking for the products, services, and companies they found on Stories. There are others of the view that they have become regular visitors to company sites after finding their services on Stories.

So, there’s no doubt why more than 4 million brands use Stories for product promotions. In fact, 96% of the professionals using Stories say they will continue with this process even in the years to come, which speaks of the effectiveness of promoting a brand on Instagram Stories.

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7 Best Action Camera Microphones

Most cameras, especially the action ones, do not come with a good built-in microphone. Therefore, if you are interested in recording good quality audio along with the video from the action camera, you need to invest in a good action camera microphone.

In this guide, I will share the best action camera microphones for you and the reasons why they rank high in my opinion.

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Why It’s So Hard To Be a Photographer These Days

Today, with the advent of digital photography, anyone with a decent camera believes they can take good photographs, which isn’t entirely incorrect. Modern technologies like auto focusing, auto exposure (these two have been around for a couple of decades, by the way,) auto panorama stitching, and intelligent eye-tracking, to name but a few, have made the need to hire a professional photographer redundant.

These days almost anyone with a decent camera and a little know-how can easily pull off some great photos. Day by day, the competition to be a photographer is becoming stiff. So, is there still a place for a pro photographer in today’s digital world?

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10 Best Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

A birthday photo shoot is always an exciting occasion for everyone involved – the birthday girl or boy, the guests, and you, the photographer. However, if you’ve done a lot of birthday photoshoots in your career, it’s not uncommon to run out of ideas for how the birthday party should be captured.

girl with a birthday candle

While the quality of the birthday photos is something that you can easily work on in post-production, having a good initial idea is crucial for your client’s overall satisfaction.

That’s why I’ve gathered the 10 best birthday photoshoot ideas that you can look into and recommend to your client, with a guarantee that they will like them. So, let’s get into it and find out which birthday photoshoot idea will make your next birthday girl the happiest client you’ve ever had.

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SanDisk Extreme VS Extreme Pro

If you are a fan of photography or videography like me, in addition to the device you use, your SD card is your best friend. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, it is clear that you want to save time and money when purchasing this item.

So it is understandable that you are in a dilemma about which one you should choose from a variety of memory cards with different specifications. Together with Samsung and Toshiba, SanDisk is a leading company in the production of memory cards. SanDisk offers two excellent memory cards today: 

  • SanDisk Extreme SD card and
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card

Like many videographers and photographers worldwide, I’ve been using the SanDisk Ultra, SanDisk Extreme, and SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards for a long time.

But the question is, which one is better?

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Can Images Have Viruses?

Out of all the drawbacks that technology has brought forward, the virus has to be one of the most annoying ones as it can lead to the loss of important files and can infect your computer in the most unexpected ways. 

Computer code

There are various ways through which a virus enters a specific device but can it enter via images? This blog post sheds light on how viruses enter your computer or mobile phone via images and how you can steer clear of them.

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Is Adobe Stock Worth it for Buyers? A Review of the Stock Image Service

If you plan on starting a business, website, or video channel, you need to get royalty-free images and videos for your online content. So, you have to look for sites that sell stock images and videos. Adobe Stock is one such site where you can get high-quality stock content.

Adobe Stock main page

Now, the question is, is it really worth buying stock images and videos from Adobe Stock in particular? You will find the answers to these questions in this full guide to Adobe Stock.

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8 Best Camera Brands and What Camera Brand is Best for…

The personal camera industry is a highly competitive space filled with several high-profile camera brands. Together they make some of the best cameras that dominate this space. The top three positions are dynamic spaces that Canon, Sony, and Nikon dominate in that order.

As someone looking for a camera for personal (or professional) use, it can get confusing very quickly as one tries to shift through a myriad of camera makes and models and tries to make sense of the long list of features that each camera has to offer. Let’s look at where each brand excels and specific camera models that do so.

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