10 Best Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

A birthday photo shoot is always an exciting occasion for everyone involved – the birthday girl or boy, the guests, and you, the photographer. However, if you’ve done a lot of birthday photoshoots in your career, it’s not uncommon to run out of ideas for how the birthday party should be captured.

girl with a birthday candle

While the quality of the birthday photos is something that you can easily work on in post-production, having a good initial idea is crucial for your client’s overall satisfaction.

That’s why I’ve gathered the 10 best birthday photoshoot ideas that you can look into and recommend to your client, with a guarantee that they will like them. So, let’s get into it and find out which birthday photoshoot idea will make your next birthday girl the happiest client you’ve ever had.

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How Many Images Are on The Internet? (and Other Fascinating Facts)

The number of images taken by a person has increased drastically with the change from the film era to the digital era. Now, you can easily take an image using your smartphone camera or any digital camera and store it digitally. If you don’t like the image, you can erase it and go for a recapture.

Photo collection on phone

It’s very interesting to know the number of images taken every second/ minute/ week/ year. Some of these images are taken by a dedicated digital camera, whereas others by a smartphone. What percentage of all these images land on the internet and stock photography sites? You will find the answers to all these questions in this article and many more.

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College Graduation Picture Ideas for Guys: What Works

If you are a guy nearing your college graduation day, you will be looking to capture some amazing images of this day which will happen only once in your lifetime. So it is essential to ensure that you get the best pictures to record your memories.

male student in graduation gown

In this guide I will describe and show the best college graduation picture ideas for guys in particular.

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100 Famous Short Inspirational Photography Quotes

Inspiration comes in many forms for photographers, such as light falling on an object, the time of year, look on a person’s face and others.

Below is our list of 100 inspirational photography quotes along with images and links to their authors.  We hope this large list inspires you and makes you take a moment to reflect on your photography.  Pause after reading each one, study the image and let your mind do the rest.



They say an image is worth a thousand words, and these quotes from greats such as Diane Arbus, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Stieglitz and Dorothea Lange reveal the thoughts behind the images as well as the people.

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65 Films About Photography: Our Picks to Watch

Photography and movies have a lot in common. While one is the art of capturing a frame, another is capturing moving frames. However, both are powerful creative mediums to tell a story. Apart from practicing photography yourself, one of the easiest ways to learn and improve your photography skills is to watch other people’s work and be inspired. And, what’s a better (and fun) way to improve your skills than watching great movies about photography?


In this article, we’ve listed documentaries, movies, and some other genres revolving around photography, and even movies with exceptional cinematography. The list is not exhaustive by any means and is in no particular order. But, we have tried to include a large variety so that everyone can find something to watch.

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5 Amazing Free e-books To Inspire Every Street Photographer

The concept of street photography is something that by definition, has no objective definition. My only rule is that it must be candid. There are no rules about gear or lighting. Famous US photographer Chase Jarvis says “the best camera is the one you have with you” which suggests anyone with a smartphone has the potential to do street photography.

BannerSSo what’s your excuse? Inspiration can be an issue sometimes, which is why I have put together a list of the best free e-books on the internet. Hopefully, they will pique your interest and inspire you to get out on the streets and shoot.

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How Can I Be More ______ As A Photographer?


The number two*  question that every veteran photographer gets asked is:

“How can I be more ______ as a photographer?”

You can fill that in with any adjective you’d like:  Creative. Wealthy. Original. Successful. Innovative.

* The number one question is always about gear. Always. And, as always, the gear matters 10% as much as you think it does.

HOW TO GROW AS A PHOTOGRAPHERWhenever you want more out of your photography, or your photography business, the answer is to grow.

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How To Choose Gear For Travel Photography

Changing and missing flights, running to catch buses or hiking mountains is part of any beautiful trip story. But what can we do when we have at least 5 kilos in our backpack and we need all of it? You might already know what I am talking about. This is our HOLY photography gear. We can’t make compromises. We need to take it all with us. Every time I was traveling, I ended up with a sore back and arms (and probably I was not alone), until the day I decided to make some changes.

I needed to optimize my gear bag and say goodbye to painful trips.

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How To Shoot Professional Portraits

Good weather is  when amateur photographers get out and spend time taking photos outdoors.  But how can they stop taking casual photos and start creating professional portraits?

This article gives you a lot of recommendations on how to create art photo portraits.

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