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KEH Camera Review-Better than Other Resellers?

If you’ve been looking for a place to resell your photography equipment or maybe a place to buy some used camera gear, then the KEH website can be the place that you need to check out.

Sony Alpha 7III camera

Not everyone likes to buy used gear, but you’re very likely going to be pleasantly surprised with the quality and great-price cameras that can be found there. After all we’re not all made of money. Let’s discuss how KEH works and all the pros and cons so you can make an educated decision whether its right for you.

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What are the Best Online Photo Printing Services?

When it comes to photo printing, there are two options. You can either invest in a high-quality photo printer and lots of supplies or use the service of an online photo printing company.

Most people nowadays go for online photo printing because high-quality photo printers are costly and not the best for a high volume of photos while printing services are competitively priced and use high end machines.

Now, the problem is that there are many online photo printing services out there. So, which are the best ones? There are many factors to consider before you choose an online photo printing service.

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Is a Shutterstock Subscription Worth It? Pros and Cons

Shutterstock is a stock photo company focused on selling music, videos, and photos. The content the company offers is produced by creators who upload it to the website to sell. But is a Shutterstock subscription worth it? Let’s find out.

Stock photo of a volcano

In this article, we will discuss Shutterstock in detail, its features, pros and cons, pricing, and more.

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How to Come Up With Unique Ideas for a Short Movie

Digital cameras are used more and more to shoot short films. Simply put, a short movie is a quick motion picture with a gripping and uncomplicated storyline. Are you a filmmaker who is the new kid on the block? A brief film is an excellent place to begin your filmmaking career. It could even be a fun side gig for a more established filmmaker with a story to tell.

In this article I will list and explain how to come up with ideas for your short movie.

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12 Things to Do if You Hate Taking Pictures of Yourself

There are plenty of reasons you might hate taking pictures of yourself. Maybe you have an unflattering bone structure or a funny-looking nose, or maybe you feel like the camera makes your best features look worse and your worst features look even worse.

Girl taking photo of herself

That’s totally fine! It happens to even the most confident people sometimes—and it doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful on the inside or anything like that (it just means that as human beings, we tend to notice flaws more than we notice our own beauty). Still, if it bothers you, there are some things you can do about it.

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Is Photography an Expensive Hobby? The Honest Truth

Many people are interested in taking up photography as their hobby.

photographer on a mountain

There are some costs involved in photography, which are pretty high compared to other hobbies like painting, stitching, etc. So, how much will it cost? How to reduce the cost? We will find the answers to all these questions through this guide. Let us get started.

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How to Promote a Photography Page on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories witnesses 500 million regular users looking for the latest trends, products, and services. 58% of these users say they created a special liking for the products, services, and companies they found on Stories. There are others of the view that they have become regular visitors to company sites after finding their services on Stories.

So, there’s no doubt why more than 4 million brands use Stories for product promotions. In fact, 96% of the professionals using Stories say they will continue with this process even in the years to come, which speaks of the effectiveness of promoting a brand on Instagram Stories.

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7 Best Action Camera Microphones

Most cameras, especially the action ones, do not come with a good built-in microphone. Therefore, if you are interested in recording good quality audio along with the video from the action camera, you need to invest in a good action camera microphone.

In this guide, I will share the best action camera microphones for you and the reasons why they rank high in my opinion.

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Why It’s So Hard To Be a Photographer These Days

Today, with the advent of digital photography, anyone with a decent camera believes they can take good photographs, which isn’t entirely incorrect. Modern technologies like auto focusing, auto exposure (these two have been around for a couple of decades, by the way,) auto panorama stitching, and intelligent eye-tracking, to name but a few, have made the need to hire a professional photographer redundant.

These days almost anyone with a decent camera and a little know-how can easily pull off some great photos. Day by day, the competition to be a photographer is becoming stiff. So, is there still a place for a pro photographer in today’s digital world?

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10 Best Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

A birthday photo shoot is always an exciting occasion for everyone involved – the birthday girl or boy, the guests, and you, the photographer. However, if you’ve done a lot of birthday photoshoots in your career, it’s not uncommon to run out of ideas for how the birthday party should be captured.

girl with a birthday candle

While the quality of the birthday photos is something that you can easily work on in post-production, having a good initial idea is crucial for your client’s overall satisfaction.

That’s why I’ve gathered the 10 best birthday photoshoot ideas that you can look into and recommend to your client, with a guarantee that they will like them. So, let’s get into it and find out which birthday photoshoot idea will make your next birthday girl the happiest client you’ve ever had.

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