Make your photos pop out of the page

Photo Pop-OutsPhotojojo, the site with the oddly familiar name and really cool DIY tutorials, has a swell tutorial for making your own Photo Pop-Outs. All you need is a little bit of foam core, some tape and a knife, and a photo. Super easy to make and very cool. These look like they’d make great gifts.

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Postal Pictures: Gifts by Mail

If you want to delight your friends and family, send them a picture by snail mail. While I am a great fan of online photosharing websites, especially, I have discovered that people are thrilled to receive a nicely presented print. Yes, you can always stuff a snapshot into an envelope, but a frame makes it a gift. Frames also allow recipients to display pictures on a table or shelf.

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Has anyone had a good experience with

Back in December 2004, I wrote about my experience creating a coffee table photo book with and I preferred Shutterfly because MyPublisher simply didn’t work:

At first it said it couldn’t connect to the server. I clicked retry several times with no change so I stopped and restarted the application. When the application restarted it asked if I wanted to continue uploading. I’d click yes and watch as nothing happened. So, I attempted to contact their technical support.

Here’s something I should have checked beforehand. There is no way to contact anyone in MyPublisher customer service by phone. There are no phone numbers on their site. All contact with support is via email. Shutterfly tries to do all of their support by email too but they at least publish a toll number if you prefer. So, I explained my problem in an email and waited.

Over 18 months later, the comments are still coming in about problems with MyPublisher’s ordering and book creation system and poor customer service. Has anyone had a good experience with MyPublisher? I still like Shutterfly’s service. Any other recommendations for creating photo books?

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RAW vs. JPG: Myths and misconceptions

Most digital cameras record JPG images because the JPG format provides a very high degree of fidelity for photographs in a very small amount of space. JPGs are high quality, small, can be viewed quickly and easily on any computer, and look great when printed. But JPGs, like all image formats, also have some limitations. RAW is another image format that addresses some of JPGs problems. But no format is perfect and RAW images have problems of their own.

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