Guide to Poster Sizes and Framing Options: Photos and Graphics

A poster is a powerful tool for catching the attention of a passersby and conveying information. But before you think of how to create an effective poster, you need to understand the various sizes and framing options available that can help you communicate your message more effectively.

Person holding up an empty poster frame

Whether you are looking to turn a photograph into a poster, or create a poster for a community event or business advertisement, this guide will help you find the perfect poster size and framing solution to match your style and needs.

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How Many Images Are on The Internet? (and Other Fascinating Facts)

The number of images taken by a person has increased drastically with the change from the film era to the digital era. Now, you can easily take an image using your smartphone camera or any digital camera and store it digitally. If you don’t like the image, you can erase it and go for a recapture.

Photo collection on phone

It’s very interesting to know the number of images taken every second/ minute/ week/ year. Some of these images are taken by a dedicated digital camera, whereas others by a smartphone. What percentage of all these images land on the internet and stock photography sites? You will find the answers to all these questions in this article and many more.

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Do Photos Make You Look Fatter?

There are various sayings out there about cameras adding pounds and making you look fat, things that may not be too desirable for a photographer taking pictures of a client.  Are they true and if so, what is the technical basis behind this phenomenon?

hand holding measuring tape

This article will answer the question, “do photos make you look fatter ?” once and for all and also go into how to solve the problem.

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How Long to Get Photos Back from Photographer?

After a photo shoot, be it a wedding or a family photo shoot, you will be very eager to see the final images. But, at times, the turnaround time of the photographer can be slow. There are many factors that affect this turnaround time. As a customer, you will be interested to know the various factors that affect the length of time taken by the photographer to share the photos with you.

photographer shooting a couple

As you all know, there are different genres of photography. The turnaround time will be different for each of these genres. The time taken by a wedding photographer to share the photos will be different from that for a maternity photo shoot.

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7 Benefits of Printing Photographs

Digital sharing of photos may have reduced the urge to print a photograph after taking a shot with your digital camera. But printing photos offers you a lot of benefits as a photographer.

printing benefits-mainHere are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a photo printer and start enjoying the benefits of photo printing.

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Hilarious Car Crash Photos

If you want to take a peculiar car crash photo then you should either organize a hilarious accident by yourself or keep your photo camera out ready every time with the hope to catch the right moment. The second variant seems to be more reasonable. Moreover, the life is full of unexpected surprises and nobody knows when and where you’ll find something worth notice by attentive photographer.

And while you’re thinking about crashed cars and your photo camera,. it may be quite exciting and inspiring to look at hilarious car crash photos in order not repeat somebody else’s mistakes when driving a car.

Car crash

Car accident photos

* * *

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Photos of Children in Love: Pure and Touching

Taking photos of children is not an easy deal due to the fact that they are always on the run. Children always jump and spin fast, so you should have a ready wit and be very patient.

boy holding girl

The main peculiarity of taking photos of kids is that you should catch the moment when they are not looking at you but playing with passion and discover the world. Moreover, many children are shy and they can’t demonstrate their emotions and feelings at the request. So, use the photo camera when children take care of themselves and you’ll take natural and sincere photos.

girl holding hands with boy

And remember that this tender child standing in front of you will soon become an adult, so try to catch precious moments of life of this little human.

And you shouldn’t think that baby-boys and girls are too little for strong feelings and they have nothing to show in front of a camera. Kids are always pure and touching and our collection of photos of children in love is the striking proof of this statement.

boy walking with girl


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