30 of the Best Photographers on Instagram: Who to Follow?

Are you looking for the best photographers to follow on Instagram? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of 30 incredible photographers from all over the world who specialize in different types of photography such as landscape, portrait, street, wildlife and more.

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Each photographer has a distinct style that makes them an outstanding figure amongst their peers. Discover which one is your favorite by reading our comprehensive guide about some of the best photographers on Instagram.

Landscape Photography

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Landscape photography is one of the most popular forms of photography, and it’s no wonder why. From dazzling sunsets to verdant forests and stately mountain peaks, the opportunities for captivating photos are endless. Instagram is full of talented landscape photographers who share their work with the world, inspiring us all to get out and explore nature. Check out these amazing Instagram landscape photographers who are sure to motivate you to get your camera and start snapping away.

Krystle Wright (@krystlewright) has an eye for capturing epic moments in her shots. She often takes photos from extreme angles or perspectives, giving her images an added level of drama and beauty. Her landscapes range from snow-capped mountains to remote beaches – each one more beautiful than the last.

Tommy Clarke (@tommy_clarke) specializes in aerial photography – capturing landscapes from high above using drones or helicopters. His unique perspective gives his images a surreal quality that’s hard to find elsewhere. He also captures some amazing seascapes too.

Sebastião Salgado (@sebastiaosalgado_official) is known for his black-and-white photographs which capture both grandeur and intimacy within his compositions. His work has been featured around the world at exhibitions as well as books he has published himself such as ‘Genesis’ which documents untouched parts of our planet through stunning visuals.

Ansel Adams (@anseladamsphoto) was an American photographer best known for his iconic black-and-white prints depicting scenes across America’s national parks like Yosemite Valley or Yellowstone National Park . Even today, over 50 years after he passed away ,his photographs still inspire millions around the globe .

Vincent Laforet (@vincentlaforet )is another masterful landscape photographer whose works show off his talent behind the lens . With every shot ,he manages to capture both grandiosity and emotion within them – making them truly captivating pieces worthy enough to hang up on any wall .

These five photographers alone demonstrate just how much potential there is when it comes to taking great landscape photos. Their work is sure to motivate, be it a beginner or an expert.

Photography of scenery is an alluring craft which permits shutterbugs to take remarkable sights of the natural environment. Portrait photography offers an opportunity for creative expression, allowing photographers to focus on capturing individual personalities and emotions in their images.

Portrait Photography

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Capturing the personality and beauty of a person is one of the most popular genres in photography, making it a challenge for even experienced photographers. Capturing a person’s individual characteristics and loveliness can be a tricky task for even the most skilled photographers. Here are some of the best portrait photographers on Instagram that you should follow to get inspired:

Ben Lowy (@benlowy) – Ben is a portrait and photojournalism photographer who is also a pioneer of cell phone photography. He carries with him an SLR, a film camera, and and iPhone and uses them all to capture his famous images.

Jeff Rojas, a NYC-based shooter with an emphasis on fashion, lifestyle and portraiture photography, is the person behind @jeffrojas. He’s also well-known for his workshops where he teaches aspiring photographers how to capture beautiful portraits using natural light sources like windows or sunlight outdoors.

Kat Irlin (@kat_in_nyc) – Kat is a Russian born photographer specializing in fashion and lifestyle, who originally started out in finance, has a following of millions and has worked for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Paper.

Paulina Duczman (@paulinaduczman), a highly acclaimed Polish artist, is renowned for her work that often combines surreal landscapes with intimate portraiture. Models featured in her photographs are seen donning colourful costumes and intricate makeup looks created by Paulina or other artists she regularly collaborates with such as Pat McGrath Labs (@patmcgrathreal). Paulina’s work has been widely celebrated and showcased in renowned art galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), further affirming her skill as a photographer. Keywords: Award-winning, Intimate Portraiture, Surreal Landscapes, Colorful Costumes

Sebastian Kim (@sebkimstudio) is a Korean American fashion photographer who has shot campaigns for brands such as Gucci, Nike, Louis Vuitton, YSL Beauty and Dior Homme. His signature style combines vibrant colors and strong lighting techniques resulting in powerful visuals that captivate viewers worldwide.

Portrait photography is a creative expression that enables the artist to encapsulate someone’s essence and feelings in one shot. Conversely, street photography documents the spontaneity of life in urban environments.

Street Photography

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Street photography is a style of shooting that focuses on recording everyday life and the individuals within it, often in an unposed manner. It’s a great way to capture candid moments, as well as urban scenes and cityscapes.

One of the top street photographers on Instagram is Danila Tkachenko (@d.tkachenko.studio). His photos are characterized by vibrant colors, interesting angles, and unique perspectives. He often takes shots from unusual places like rooftops or high up in trees to get his signature look.

Another great street photographer is Michael Ernest Sweet (@michaelernestsweet). He has an eye for capturing powerful images with bold contrasts and vivid colors. His photographs focus on capturing emotion in his subjects through their expressions or body language while also highlighting social issues such as poverty or homelessness.

Manny Ortiz (@mannyortiz) is another excellent street photographer who creates beautiful compositions using light and shadows in creative ways. He uses reflections off windows or other surfaces to create abstract art pieces that evoke emotions when you view them.

Caleb Cole (@calebxcole) stands out among street photographers due to his use of color palettes that pop against darker backgrounds which draw attention to details such as facial expressions, clothing choices, etc., making him one of the most sought after portraitists on Instagram today.

Kevin Russ (@kevinruss) combines documentary style photography with surrealism creating striking images with an ethereal feel about them – often featuring animals like horses roaming wild across vast landscapes which gives viewers a sense of freedom when looking at his work.

Finally, we have Szymon Brodziak (@szymonbrodziak_official), whose works feature bright neon lights contrasting against dark city streets giving off an almost futuristic vibe when viewed together. The energy he captures through long exposures makes each shot feel alive even if there is no human presence visible in it, making him one of the best night-time shooters around right now.

Street photography is an excellent way to document the charm of life’s mundane moments and narrate tales through images. Conversely, wildlife photography offers us the unique opportunity to visually document nature’s marvels in ways that surpass verbal descriptions.

Wildlife Photography

wildlife photography example

Capturing the majesty and variety of wildlife, photography has become a distinctive art form. It requires patience, skill, and dedication to capture animals in their natural habitats. Instagram is a great platform for budding wildlife photographers to share their art and connect with fellow nature enthusiasts. Here are some of the top wildlife photographers on Instagram who will inspire you to pick up your camera and explore the wild.

First up we have @nickbrandtphotography – Nick Brandt is one of the most renowned names in wildlife photography today. His stunning images feature African landscapes populated by majestic creatures such as elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and more. Nick has released four books, including “On This Earth” (2005), “A Shadow Falls” (2008), “Across The Ravaged Land” (2013) and “Inherit The Dust” (2016), that showcase his photography and passion for conservation. Nick’s passion for conservation shines through his photographs which make us think twice about our relationship with nature.

Next we have @davidyarrow – David Yarrow has made a name for himself photographing exotic species from all over the world including polar bears in Svalbard or jaguars in Brazil. His award-winning photos capture powerful moments between humans and animals as well as stunning vistas showcasing Mother Nature at her finest. In addition to being an incredible photographer he also uses his platform to raise awareness around endangered species issues which makes him even more admirable.

Finally there’s @brianskerry – Brian Skerry specializes in underwater photography which gives us an amazing glimpse into life beneath the sea surface – something few people ever get to experience first hand. His portfolio features sharks, whales, dolphins seals & much more swimming freely amongst coral reefs & kelp forests making it easy to forget you’re looking at a photograph rather than real life footage. He often works alongside scientists researching marine ecosystems giving him access not only beautiful imagery but valuable insight into ocean conservation efforts too.

From grandiose landscapes full of animal herds or intimate portraits showing individual personalities, wildlife photography can be incredibly rewarding if done right. So why not take some inspiration from these talented individuals and start snapping away? Continually strive to hone your skills and refine your technique, as this is the key to success.

Wildlife snappin’ is a testing and gratifying type of art that demands calmness, savvy, and capability. Macro photography takes this to the next level by allowing photographers to capture intricate details in nature with incredible precision.

Macro Photography

macro photography example

Macro photography is a specialized form of photography that captures images on a very small scale. From the intricate details of insects and plants to the delicate beauty of jewelry, macro photographers have an eye for capturing the smallest things in life. Here are Instagram’s top macro photographers who will take your breath away with their stunning shots:

@skokowskipawel_nature – Pawel Skokowski is a great nature macro photographer specializing in insects and other small creatures. He uses a fast macro lens and otherwise accessible accessories to capture very colorful and detailed photos of his subjects.

@daveyvisuals– Davey Visuals captures incredibly detailed photographs using extreme magnification techniques – giving us glimpses into worlds we never knew existed before now.

@krystlejwright– Krystle Wright’s passion lies in shooting aerial landscapes from high above – allowing her to capture vast views not usually seen by humans unless they’re flying over them themselves.

@reugelsmarkus- Markus Reugels is a master at capturing moving macro water images such as droplets and colored liquids. He utilizes a complex setup with strobe lighting, a high ISO camera, and a computer to control it all. His liquid creations are more like sculptures frozen in time than the quick events we are used to seeing.

Macro photography provides a novel opportunity to uncover the delicate intricacies and textures of diminutive objects, enabling us to perceive their elegance in ways not achievable by other means. With night photography, we can take this exploration even further by using long exposure techniques to capture stunning images of our world after dark.

Night Photography

example of astrophotography

Shooting in the dark can be a daunting challenge for even veteran photographers. Though challenging, experienced shutterbugs can create stunning nighttime shots with the correct strategies and equipment.

For optimal night photography, it is essential to be familiar with the interplay between shutter speed, aperture and ISO for achieving desirable exposures in low-light settings. To get started, make sure you have a sturdy tripod so your camera won’t shake during long exposure shots. You should also invest in an external flash or LED light source if you plan on shooting at night more often.

For those seeking creative ideas for night photography, Instagram is an excellent resource to explore the work of talented photographers who specialize in capturing stunning nocturnal scenes. There are plenty of talented photographers who specialize in capturing unique scenes after dark – from urban landscapes lit up by streetlights and neon signs to starry skies filled with galaxies and nebulae.

One such photographer worth checking out is @paulzizkaphoto – Paul Zizka‘s stunning astrophotography captures everything from distant planets and star clusters to meteor showers streaking across the sky. The way he merges landscapes with images of the night sky is something you have to see.

Nighttime shooting is a test of endurance, ingenuity and technical aptitude that can be incredibly gratifying. Aerial photography offers an entirely different perspective on the world with its stunning views from high above the ground.

Aerial Photography

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Taking stunning images from the air, aerial photography is a form of art that demands expertise, ingenuity and technical proficiency. It’s an art form that requires skill, creativity and technical know-how. Aerial photos can be incredibly captivating and stunningly beautiful when done correctly. Here are some of the top 50 aerial photographers on Instagram who have mastered this craft:

1. @paulnicklen – Paul Nicklen is a National Geographic photographer who specializes in capturing wildlife in their natural habitats through his drone work. He has captured stunning shots of polar bears, walruses and other Arctic creatures from above with his drone camera.

2. @dronestagram – This account features amazing aerial photographs taken by people all over the world using drones or helicopters to capture unique perspectives on landscapes, cities and monuments around the globe.

3. @jordhammond – Jordan Hammond is a professional photographer whose portfolio includes incredible aerial shots of nature as well as abstract cityscapes from high up in the air. His work often blurs the line between reality and imagination with its creative compositions and vivid colors that come alive when seen from a bird’s eye view.

4 .@airpixels – AirPixels showcases jaw dropping footage taken by drones across various countries such as India, Indonesia, China, Mexico and more. Their videos provide viewers with an unforgettable experience as they explore different places through their captivating visuals shot at heights ranging from 100 feet to 500 feet above ground level.

5 .@scottjonphotography– Scott McCook is one of Australia’s most sought after photographers due to his ability to capture mesmerizing scenes while flying hundreds of meters above ground level. Whether it’s a sunset over Uluru or rugged coastal cliffs off Sydney he always manages to bring out vibrant colors even when shooting during twilight hours thanks to his mastery behind the controls of a quadcopter drone camera system.


Why is Instagram best for photographers?

Instagram provides a great opportunity for photographers to exhibit their art and reach out to an expansive viewership. Instagram provides a user-friendly experience, enabling users to promptly post photos and videos with an array of editing features. It also offers unique features such as stories, hashtags, geotagging, direct messaging and more that can help boost engagement with followers. Additionally, Instagram has powerful analytics capabilities which allow photographers to track how many people have seen their posts or interacted with them in any way – giving insight into what content works best on the platform. In summary, Instagram is a great asset for photographers to extend their reach and develop their business.

Which is the best photography on Instagram?

The best photography on Instagram is subjective, as everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Though individual opinions vary, certain factors can be used to differentiate exceptional photography from the rest. Photos with strong composition, interesting lighting techniques, creative angles and unique perspectives tend to draw more attention than others. Additionally, photographers who post consistently high-quality work often gain a larger following over time due to the quality of their content. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference when deciding what constitutes great photography on Instagram.

Who is the No 1 photographer in the world?

It is difficult to definitively name one photographer as the best in the world. However, many professionals and critics consider Steve McCurry to be a top contender for this title. His work has been featured on magazine covers and exhibited in galleries around the globe, showcasing his eye for composition and mastery of light. He is also renowned for his humanitarian photography that captures stories from people all over the world with an unmatched level of emotion and empathy. His work has been praised and commended, making him a favorite among photographers of all abilities.

Is Instagram still good for photographers?

Yes, Instagram is still a great platform for photographers. Instagram offers a convenient way to share visuals and reach a substantial audience with only one upload. With its wide range of features such as editing tools, filters, stories, hashtags and direct messaging options, it can be used to showcase work in creative ways and engage with potential customers or fans. Additionally, the insights feature allows users to track engagement levels which can help photographers optimize their content for maximum impact.


To sum up, these photographers offer a variety of unique approaches to capturing memorable moments. Each photographer has their own distinct aesthetic and vision when it comes to immortalizing breathtaking moments. No matter your level of photography expertise or what kind of imagery you’re interested in, these Instagram photographers will provide plenty of inspiration for all. No matter your photography level or interest, make sure to follow some of these incredible artists today and get inspired by their work.

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