Photos of Children in Love: Pure and Touching

Taking photos of children is not an easy deal due to the fact that they are always on the run. Children always jump and spin fast, so you should have a ready wit and be very patient.

boy holding girl

The main peculiarity of taking photos of kids is that you should catch the moment when they are not looking at you but playing with passion and discover the world. Moreover, many children are shy and they can’t demonstrate their emotions and feelings at the request. So, use the photo camera when children take care of themselves and you’ll take natural and sincere photos.

girl holding hands with boy

And remember that this tender child standing in front of you will soon become an adult, so try to catch precious moments of life of this little human.

And you shouldn’t think that baby-boys and girls are too little for strong feelings and they have nothing to show in front of a camera. Kids are always pure and touching and our collection of photos of children in love is the striking proof of this statement.

boy walking with girl


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Capturing Birthday Memories

ribbons_raydavisWe celebrated a 6th birthday here recently and, of course, one of the aims of the day was to get some nice photographs. But how does one go about getting good birthday photos? Well, here free of charge, are ten tips for you:

1. Have a designated photographer (or two). Get someone who is not in charge of putting the candles on the cake, keeping the dog away from the kids, paying the magician, and keeping track of which present came from which child, to keep a camera in their hands and use it often during the party. If you can get two people even better. If there are specific moments you know you want shots of let your designated photographers know what they are before the party starts.

2. Start early. The party preparation can make for some great photos too, especially if the kids are helping set up or if a family member is baking the cake.

3. Get the light right. If you’re having the party indoors try and arrange key moments like blowing out the candles and opening presents to be in an area with good lighting.

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Photographing Children

the culpritIf you get it right photographing your children can produce pictures you’ll want to treasure for years to come, whether it’s snaps of their tenth birthday displayed in a professional coffee table book or the embarrassing shot of Timmy wearing his underpants on his head that you choose to keep lovingly displayed where all your visitors can see it. But it can be a frustrating process, children are rarely still for any length of time and as they get older often get either camera-shy or obsessed with making that face that involves rolling their eyes back into their head and sticking out their tongue.

If you’ve got little ones you want to photograph here are a few tips to help you avoid those blurry, monster-face shots being the only thing in your memory book.

1. Make it fun. This is the golden rule of photographing little ones. If you want to have photographs of your children having fun, smiling, looking happy and adorable then you will need to let them have fun while you’re photographing them. Standing still for ages while you tell them how to pose is unlikely to appeal to them as fun.

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Introducing Your Little One to Photography

One of my day jobs involves working with special needs children and children in hospital. I do a lot of work with children on the autistic spectrum and children with learning difficulties, as well as with at-risk youth and kids with chronic illnesses. One of my absolute favourite things to do is introduce these children to photography. Not only do I enjoy sharing my passion but for a lot of the children I work with it is a unique way for them to express some creativity.

Waiting for an arrival: John Wayne airport Terminal B through the eyes of a child
John Wayne airport Terminal B through the eyes of a child by fd

Introducing your children to photography, whether they have extra needs or not, is a great way to encourage creativity and decision-making and can give you a new activity to share with your whole family. But how do you go about introducing children to the camera? Here are a few ideas to get you started (these tips are aimed for children from about 3 to 8 years old):

1. Don’t rush out and buy a new camera for your child’s first attempt.

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