Where to Buy Disposable Cameras? (In Person, Online and in Bulk)

Are you looking to buy a disposable camera but are not sure if they are easily accessible these days? Tired of overpaying when buying them on the spot at a venue such as a waterpark?

If yes, you have come to the right place. I will share the best places where you can get disposable cameras for the best prices.

In the early days of film cameras, disposable cameras were quite popular. But with the introduction of digital cameras, their popularity declined. But still, there are people who prefer to use disposable cameras for photography, especially in places where a more expensive camera may be lost or damaged.

In this article, we will also have a look at some popular disposable cameras and the costs of developing one.

Where can you buy disposable cameras?

You can purchase disposable cameras in person in store or online. Some good online options include Amazon here, and some good in person options include Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Rite Aid and CVS.

Where can you buy disposable cameras in bulk?

There are occasions like weddings or parties where you may need disposable cameras in bulk. The main advantage of buying in bulk is to lower the total cost. But at the same time, we need to ensure that the camera is a good one.

You can get disposable cameras in packs of 6, 8, and 10. The best place to check for disposable cameras in bulk is on Amazon by going here.

I strongly recommend going with popular brands. When you buy disposable cameras in bulk, you can see non-popular brands selling with huge discounts. But there will not be any guarantee in its working to capture your important photos. So, some may fail.

Does the dollar store have disposable cameras?

Dollar Tree and similar stores do not have disposable cameras.

Where are disposable cameras the least expensive?

You can get disposable cameras for a lower price online than from the stores. When it comes to online stores, the best place to get disposable cameras at a good price is Amazon. When you look for disposable cameras on Amazon, make sure to check for the reviews too. Do not select a disposable camera based on price alone.

What will be the total cost of a disposable camera?

When you decide to purchase a disposable camera, you may only consider the price of the camera alone. But there are many other costs involved with this camera. You must consider those costs too. You can get a good quality disposable camera for around $25. But you will not get digital images as output from these cameras. You need to develop disposable cameras to get the images. It will cost you around $10 (minimum). So, the total cost will be around $35 for a disposable camera. If you need extra prints, it is going to cost you more.

Which are the best disposable camera options currently available?

If you are completely new to disposable cameras, you may find it difficult to choose the right one. Don’t worry. I will share some of the best disposable cameras that you can buy and links where to buy them.

Kodak Funsaver 35mm single use camera

Kodak is a popular brand when it comes to single use cameras. The Funsaver 35mm disposable camera is one of the best disposable cameras that you can get at a reasonable price. It is a lightweight camera that weighs around 140 gm. It is also an easy to use camera. You will be able to capture 27 images with this camera. You will just need an AA battery to operate this camera.

Kodak Max 35mm single use camera

Another popular disposable camera model from Kodak is the Kodak Max 35mm camera. It is a compact and lightweight camera. It comes with a powerful flash too. You can get up to a 14 ft flash range with this camera. If you are looking for some flash power in the camera, this camera is for you. This camera uses the Kodak Max versatility plus 800 speed film. Thus, you will be able to capture better images even if the light is less in the scene. It is possible with the help of this 800 ISO film. You will be able to capture 27 pictures with this camera.

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable camera

The QuickSnap Flash 400 disposable camera is a popular one time use camera from Fujifilm. It is a lightweight and compact camera. It weighs only 90 gm. You can take up to 27 pictures using this camera. It comes with a 32mm f/10 lens that is made of plastic. The QuickSnap Flash 400 comes with an ISO 400 film inside. The inbuilt flash in the camera allows you to capture images in low light conditions. The range of the electronic flash is 1 m to 3 m.

Are underwater disposable cameras more expensive than standard disposable cameras?

Yes, underwater disposable cameras tend to be slightly more expensive than normal disposable cameras. It is because of the additional water protection feature in the camera. But, it will not break the bank.

Which are the best underwater disposable cameras?

I will share the best underwater disposable cameras that you can buy and links where to buy them.

Kodak Sport Underwater Waterproof 35mm disposable camera

You can go for the Kodak Sport Underwater Waterproof 35mm disposable camera with 800 ISO. This camera is waterproof up to 50 feet. So, do not use it beyond this value. The rubber shell outside the camera makes it rugged and durable. It is also scratch resistant. You can also use this camera for shooting outdoors and in bad weather.

This camera comes with a 27 exposure film. Thus, you can use it to capture 27 images. This one-time use camera comes with the Kodak MAX Versatility Plus 800 Film. The 800 ISO film allows you to capture good quality pictures in low light. The amount of light underwater will be generally low when you compare it with the outdoors. If you plan to take a disposable camera to the beach or dive, this camera will be a good choice.

Fujifilm Disposable QuickSnap Underwater Camera

Fujifilm also offers a good underwater disposable camera. Their QuickSnap waterproof pool underwater 35mm camera is being used by many hobbyists. It weighs around 170 gm. When you compare the weight of this camera with a regular disposable camera from Fujifilm, it is slightly heavier. It is because of the extra protection feature in the camera.

I have used this camera a couple of times. From my experience, the image quality is pretty decent for the price. The ISO 800 film in this camera is an added advantage. It allows you to capture better images in low light conditions. This camera is water resistant up to 10 meters. So, make sure not to take the camera beyond this recommended value such as in deep scuba diving.

Which is the cheapest place to develop disposable cameras?

When it comes to developing disposable cameras, there are many options. After doing a comparison among popular labs, Walmart is the cheapest option to develop disposable cameras.

How much does it cost to develop a disposable camera?

Different vendors charge different rates to develop a disposable camera. If you consider the average of these prices it will be around $17. Many vendors will charge extra if you want prints. You can also get the prints shipped to your place for an additional cost.

Where to get a disposable camera developed?

Walmart, Target, and Dark Room are some of the good choices when it comes to developing a disposable camera. One main advantage of Dark Room is that you will get your negatives back. If you go with Walmart, they will not return the negatives. Many other vendors also do not return the negatives. So, if you are interested in getting back the negatives, you need to check and confirm the same with the lab.

How much time does it take to develop a disposable camera?

Almost all shops take around 1 to 2 weeks to develop a disposable camera. If you have many cameras, it may take more time. So, it is a good idea to check with the lab before handing over your disposable camera.


Is it possible to get digital images from a disposable camera?

Yes, it is possible to get digital images from a disposable camera. It allows you to share pictures with your friends and family through social media. All photo labs do not support this feature. You need to check with your photo lab whether they can give digital images. It will also help you to avoid unnecessary printing of images if you are not going to use these prints anywhere. It will help to save some printing costs.

Do companies still manufacture disposable cameras?

Yes, there are a few companies that still manufacture and sell disposable cameras. Kodak and Fujifilm are two popular companies when it comes to disposable cameras. There are many other companies that manufacture disposable cameras. But their cameras may not be able to match up with the quality of the one-time use cameras manufactured by Fujifilm and Kodak.

Is it possible to use disposable cameras underwater?

Yes, there are some disposable camera models which can be used underwater. These cameras are specifically made for underwater use. So, do not try to use a normal disposable camera underwater. You will end up damaging the camera. It is a good idea to check the camera specifications to confirm whether you can use it underwater.

I hope this article helped you in figuring out where to buy disposable cameras. Click here to learn how to use a film camera.

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