100 Fantastic Instagram Accounts for Travelers to Follow

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.

Margaret Lee

Everybody loves traveling, but we can’t always afford to go everywhere we want. There is no better way to travel the world than through photography. While Instagram might be often known by its food photos and other iPhone photography clichés, this awesome application allows you to see the parts of the world you might never get to see.


Moreover, your phone camera is always with you, no matter if you’re conquering a mountain peak or diving to the bottom of the ocean. You can use Instagram for posting your own travel photos and following other travelers to get some ideas where to spend your next vacation. So here I put together 100 truly fantastic Instagram accounts for travelers to follow.

1. @muradosmann


2. @hecktictravels


3. @bipolaire61


4. @fourjandals


5. @yeatoeh


6. @packsandbunks


7. @sharolyn_w


8. @1step2theleft


9. @nineteenfiftyone


10. @uncornered_market


11. @pataexplorer


12. @wildjunket


13. @drewkelly


14. @nomadicnotes


15. @chmlh


16. @natgeotraveler


17. @ahmadziya


18. @beersandbeans


19. @bradtully


20. @legalnomads


21. @theodorekaye


22. @theblondegypsy


23. @_mihi


24. @adventurouskate


25. @adanvelez


26. @theplanetd


27. @fosterhunting


28. @pausethemoment


29. @seattlestravels


30. @everythingeverywhere


31. @landingstanding


32. @MatadorNetwork


33. @hostelbookers

34. @traveling9to5


35. @japhetweeks


36. @vagfrag


37. @payphones


38. @tubeinblackandwhite


39. @bkindler


40. @kirstenalana


41. @johnonolan


42. @alifewortheating


43. @youngadventuress


44. @travelwithwinter


45. @earthxplorer


46. @travelettes


47. @lozula


48. @michaelturtle


49. @dustinmain


50. @tuulavintage


51. @laurenepbath


52. @paulyvella


53. @jewelszee_


54. @klarushica


55. @thecoolhunter_


56. @budgettraveller


57. @mustafaseven


58. @virginamerica


59. @condenasttraveler


60. @usinterior


61. @andtimothyrew


62. @kissmyspatula


63. @aladyinlondon


64. @AussieStompy


65. @CandiceWalsh


66. @nomadbiba


67. @skimbaco


68. @Doublebarrelledtravel


69. @anewyorkertravels


70. @kickthegrind


71. @bizarreglobehopper


72. @cailinoneil


73. @mreddiehuang


74. @JayneyTravels


75. @JustiMorris


76. @loladimarco


77. @TheTravelHack


78. @TravelsofAdam


79. @annabelcandy


80. @packyourpassport


81. @theaussienomad


82. @backpackerbanter


83. @cestchristine


84. @chrystalclear_


85. @rtwdave


86. @travelingeditor


87. @ednacz


88. @scottishemma123


89. @overyonderlust


90. @bushbirdie


91. @malloryontravel


92. @iclo


93. @runawayjuno


94. @velvetescape


95. @ilainie


96. @traveldudes


97. @bluenose_girl


98. @packsandbunks


99. @nicoletravelbug


100. @cookiesound



There is a chance I missed out some cool accounts, so don’t be shy to share your own nicknames and other Instagram profiles you like. Use the comment section to share your ideas and thoughts.

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If you like this showcase, maybe you’ll be interested in 100 Instagram accounts for foodies I wrote previously. More great posts are on the way! Stay with Photodoto!

By Nancy Young

Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger. She writes inspirational articles on web design, photography, and technology. She enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Nancy believes in a magic of written words to inspire and motivate. She is also working as a writer at OneDesBlog.


  1. Nowadays I notice that list become very subjective based on the circles you join or are associated with. I used to be active in the twitter/fb groups of most of the followers in the early days. However, because I am based in Malaysia, we hardly make any list in the international scene 🙂

  2. stoked to see so many great folks and friends on this list! Yes to Matador Network and Candice Walsh 🙂 I’m @katesiobhan but I also want to mention @thegivinglens – an organization that I run which does travel photography workshops with a purpose! (we partner with an NGO in every country). Check it out 🙂

  3. Great list I do follow most of them already – I also love to share my
    travel adventures (a lot of them are in pretty Switzerland) on
    @travelita and I also want to mention @kitkat_ch and @nicolehunziker – they are fab!

    1. Funny! I was going to add yours too @travelita! LOVE your Switzerland photos. And @kitkat_ch as well! I have loads of new ones to follow from the recs! SUCH a fun list! I also love @todestinationunknown and @finn (mostly Wales) I’m @alisonchino on the IG, mostly hiking pictures from Scotland. 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Thanks so much for including me in this showcase, Nancy. And between great instagrammers. There’s a bunch of awesome people I discovered and started following!

  5. Wow! So happy to be included on this list as @travelsofadam! Also would love to recommend @vutheara and @misscoolpics who have beautiful photos!

  6. I would add @sweatengine @skpbykza @bridif @zurichvienna @johndeguzman @jasonmpeterson @joshywashington and I second on @gadventures! Also, myself @monicasuma 🙂

  7. Absolutely fantastic list you have there! We just really started using Instagram to document and share our travels. Feel free to check us out at @travelexperiencelive!

  8. Great list. Some I’ve never heard of so will have to check them out. I’m also on instagram – @kapcha so check it out too.

  9. What a nice list! Looks like we have a few followers to add to our Instagram page. We are at @whatboundaries on Instagram, feel free to come check us out too!

  10. Hi! I’m @wanderlustwandermust! But I would also like to mention @colbybrownphotography!! That guy is always on the move and his photos are extraordinary!

  11. Great list! @jnasa is a great travel instagram. I recently discovered it after seeing her photo on the travel and leisure account.

  12. Fantastic List, lots of great bloggers and travelers! Check out our growing community of Student Travelers at OfficialCollegeTourist on Instagram, thanks:)

  13. I follow many of these folks already! I adore the lovely little travel community on Instagram! Please connect with us if you’d like! @twodriftersphoto <3 xxxx

    Amy & Nathan

  14. Great list! Many we already follow, and lots of new ones as well. Thanks for the inspiration. We’re at @turtlestravel

  15. Thanks for featuring me 🙂 It’s a great honour to be listed among so many talented Instagrammers. And thanks for introducing me to a few new ones! Great work!

  16. I’m @cairinthecity on Instagram and post lots of pictures from lesser traveled areas of the US and most recently, Turkey!

  17. Thanks so much for including me in this showcase, Nancy. And between great instagrammers.please follow me with @miladn1370

    1. wow! Emiel, your Instagram feed is awesome, worth to be here! I think I’ll put together the second part of this collection with inspiring new Instagrammers!

  18. Feel free to check out @traveldaveuk. Great collection of Instagram users to add, nicely put together.

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