100 Incredibly Tasty Instagram Accounts for Foodies to Follow

If you are an Instagram user, I think you’ve clearly noticed a few people who love posting photos of their food. Once, browsing through Facebook, I found a joke that said, “A true hipster does not eat food, he tweets it.” But after looking at my Instagram news feed, I can say that it’s not quite true: People don’t eat their food–they shoot it.


No matter if it is being cooked or just eaten, food is fun to visually share. Moreover, with 5 million photos being uploaded each hour by 50 million users across the globe, Instagram represents a huge iPhoneography movement that captures and inspires mobile users around the world.

So, here I’m going to share with you 100 drool-worthy Instagram accounts for foodies to follow, which will surely make your stomach growl!

1. Alice Gao


2. Sylvie Shirazi


3. Caroline On Crack


4. Kristin Rosenau


5. Heather Hands


6. idafrosk


7. Sam Linsell


8. Jennifer Chong


9. Brenda


10. Megan Fleiner


11. Adam Rapoport


12. Heather Christothoulou


13. Averie Sunshine


14. Katie


15. Yossy


16. Karen Mordechai


17. Jess Dang


18. Melissa Coleman


19. Dylan James Ho


20. Vegan Treats


21. Tracy Benjamin


22. Linda


23. Jeanine Donofrio


24. letmeeatcake


25. Darin


26. Adrianna Adarme


27. Sarka Babicka


28. Aran


29. David Lebovitz


30. Jamie Oliver


31. Daniel Krieger


32. Marcus Nilsson


33. Carrie Purcell


34. David Munns


35. David Loftus


36. Andrew Scrivani


37. Angela Davis


38. Helene Dujardin


39. Rick Poon


40. Tim Robison


41. Vanessa Rees


42. Sonya Yu


43. spoonforkbacon


44. Marika Collins


45. Dana Shultz


46. Alex Grossman


47. Amanda Marshall


48. mrschhoun


49. marte_marie_forsberg


50. aprilbloomfield


51. Tucker Taylor


52. Nicole Franzen


53. Kyle Dreier


54. joythebaker


55. Donal Skehan


56. naomi


57. tara o’brady


58. Kankana Saxena


59. Erin Gleeson


60. sheena


61. Reem Rizvi


62. Karen. L


63. sarah kieffer


64. Jennifer Farley


65. Sanda


66. ashrod


67. Michael Lewicki


68. Ashlae W


69. Good Beer Hunting


70. Meeta K. Wolff


71. careynotcarrie


72. Beth Kirby


73. behindfoodcarts


74. Adam Goldberg


75. Love Food


76. Life & FOODS




78. Food Republic


79. foodzie


80. Matt Jennings


81. piarieu


82. Stumptown Coffee


83. Danny


84. cupcakesdaily


85. Izy Hossack


86. Julie Lee


87. Dorie Greenspan


88. Cheryl Sternman Rule


89. The Kitchn


90. Food Network


91. talking food


92. Samantha Lee


93. thesmitten


94. KY


95. kukka_3


96. Kamran Siddiqi


97. may


98. Erwan Heussaff


99. Asami


100. Keiko


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By Nancy Young

Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger. She writes inspirational articles on web design, photography, and technology. She enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Nancy believes in a magic of written words to inspire and motivate. She is also working as a writer at OneDesBlog.


  1. This list was awesome- I just added a ton of new talent to my istagram feed! And thank you very much for adding me to the list- I am humbled in this great company!

  2. Thanks Jamie for the shout-out. This is a good list but there are so many talented food photographers that were not listed which surprised me.

  3. Thanks @71eb07213759ab4e5611e1dd9f1df8a7:disqus for the shout-out @denise_woodward. This is a good list but there are so many talented food photographers that were not listed which surprised me. Such as the talented @ilvaberetta, @pennydelossantos, @mattarmendariz, @andrewhpurcell, and @bakersroyale_naomi to only name a few.

  4. @chezus I believe bakers royal /Naomi was listed under the name Naomi above. Yay!

    I loved the list! I would also include Penny De Los Santos, Tartine Gourmande, @Dicanelo, and @hiramcamillo. Did I miss food52? So many great foodie feeds.

    If you want to be Instagram friends, I am @_kate_lewis. 🙂

    Kate Lewis

      1. Hi! I am glad you liked the same too! There are so many tasty iphonographers/photographers on Ig that it makes it hard to narrow down the favs, doesn’t it? I loved this list but will be looking forward to part II as well!

        Kate Lewis
        (@_kate_lewis or @lechousauvage)

        PS How do I find you on Instagram?

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