30 Types of Photographers Exposed – Which One Are You?

All photographers are equal, but some photographers are more equal than others.

Jorge Aurwell

Do you often meet a doctor who will cure your teeth, examine your heart, make you fingernails look fine and then help you with your childhood psychological trauma?


Possible, but so not typical!

Again, if you get to know that a person is a photographer, do you expect him to be good at everything? Landscapes, fashion, pets and microphotography of cute bacteria in knitted hats?

That’s the problem with designers, photographers and IT specialists. Some people don’t understand that they might have different specializations.

Here’s a little list of photography niches, showing how different we all are, even though we all hold a photo camera on our Facebook avatars. Of course we don’t. Just kidding. Or do you? Come on, it’s bad taste.

1. Fashion Photographer

Fashion is a #1 source of wannabes. If you feel you’re Steven Meisel, but don’t know what flash sync speed means… You’re so not alone.

2. Landscape Photographer

A man behind the PC desktop wallpapers.

3. Wildlife Photographer

One who sits knee-deep in a swamp to get a close-up of a frog.

4. Aerial Photographer

It is when you really look down on other photographers.

5. Action / sports photographer

A man behind the posters in a tire fitting shop.

6. Pet Photographer

If you hate people and humanity in general, this is a dream job for you.

7. Event Photographer

It’s that guy with a camera poking about at you sister’s birthday.

8. Real Estate and Architecture Photographer

Another good option for sociopaths.

9. Astrophotographer

Those who think 200mm to be a wide angle lens.

10. Photojournalist

If you see one taking a picture of you…  you’re probably an underpaid coal miner in a third world country. In best case.

11. Concert Photographer

A nightmare job for a settled studio photographer. Total lack of control over lighting, low light and a nasty crowd of fans (not your fans actually) shouting behind your back.

12. Macro Photographer

Those who show us how truly ugly the flies are. Even in dew drops. That’s even more horrible. Brrrr.

13. Medical Photographer

Very dangerous specialization. You might faint and drop your expensive camera during an operation.

14. Micro Photographer

May not be published in Vogue, but may contribute to saving your life some day.

15. School Photographer

Being one is as stressful as shooting pets, or concerts, or rather – pets’ concerts.

16. Baby Photographer

There are not too many male photographers doing this. Hmmm… Men are so hard-hearted.

17. Family Photographer

Third photographer you hire, right after wedding and baby photographers. What’s next?

18. Satellite Photographer

Those are looking down on aerial photographers.

19. Scientific Photographer

The images they produce may look nice, even beautiful. Just don’t ask them what it is all about. Only if you want a lullaby.

20. Food Photographer

They make you think you want a hamburger.

21. Vehicle Photographer

Now besides a hamburger, you also want a Ferrari.

22. Travel Photographer

They are so sly! They kind of work… but they kind of travel at the same time. Don’t we, normal people, usually pay for this instead of get paid? Hmmm…

23. Street Photographer

They dwell in busy city streets. Get one to the countryside and he will start to panic about “these ugly things sticking out of the ground, trees as you call them”.

24. Nude Photographer

A man behind the posters in a tire fitting shop.

25. Underwater Photographer

They don’t talk much at work.

26. Advertising Photographer

They also shoot food, pets, and stylish women. They just leave a little more space for a trademark and a slogan.

27. Stock Photographer

Their photos look as if they have never left their studio and have never seen real life.

28. Wedding Photographer

First choice for those who have purchased their first entry-level DSLR and decided to make money with photography.

29. Equine Photographer

“Horses? Yes, I shoot horses. Yes, mainly horses.”

30. Paparazzi

While being photographed by a photojounalist is a bad sign, being chased by a paparazzi is 100% opposite.

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By George Bailey

George is a professional photographer who sells his photos online. He focuses on both studio and outdoor photography, and also runs a photography blog you should definitely check out at backlightstories.com