Wide Non-Fisheye Lens – Types, Benefits, Examples

If you ever needed a wide-angle lens or generally wanted to capture an ultra-wide-angle, you’ve probably went with a wide lens with the fisheye effect, especially if you needed to do some outdoor photography.

But is that the only way that wide-angle photography could be done?

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A Guide To Camera Lens And Humidity: Protecting your Equipment

Are you struggling to capture incredible shots in a humid atmosphere? This is the story of almost every photographer. If you have worked in sweltering temperatures, you might be familiar with the preparations and care your camera needs to prevent condensation.


Humidity and your camera are rivals. Photographers need to store their cameras and lenses in an ideal storage humidity range to prevent fungus. And, the problem is most of them don’t even know what an appropriate range is.

Would you like some interesting and useful camera hacks for humid conditions? Read More!

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DSLR Lens Reviews 2: Which Lens To Buy?

For many photographers, a beautiful portrait shot combines two essential elements: a flattering view of the subject set against a blurred background. This is easy to achieve if you have the correct lens.


If you want to zoom up to a subject that is rather far away you’ll need a telephoto lens. These lenses are also ideal for sports and wildlife photography. If you’re taking close-ups of flowers and insects, you’ll quickly become frustrated with your camera’s standard lens kit, and in this case a macro lens is the answer.

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Another package from ZipLens

Click to enlargeMy nephew is getting married this weekend and despite my protests I was roped into doing some of the photography. I had originally intended to actually put my feet up and enjoy the ceremony and ensuing festivities… you know… like an actual guest. It’s too late for me but know this ye ignorant unwed: wives wield a fearful persuasive power that cannot be explained, only experienced.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to rent some lenses from my favorite online rental shop: ZipLens.com. I’ve rented from ZipLens in the past (see our review) and the experience this time was just as good as it’s always been.

I decided to get a 17-55 f/2.8 and an 85mm f/1.4 for the weekend so about a month ago I put in my order with a specific reservation for this week (you can make a reservation request in the notes when you place an order). ZipLens responded that day telling me that the lenses were reserved. And lo and behold they arrived today as promised. Rental of both lenses for the week including shipping was $160 total ($105 for the glass,

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Review: Rentglass.com lens rental service

Many professional photographers rent lenses. Rather than spending huge sums on lenses (or other equipment), they rent just what they need for the job at hand. Sounds good, right? But not everyone has a decent camera shop nearby with rental service. In fact, I’d wager that you could only find lens rentals in large metro areas. Rentglass.com, an online lens rental company operating out of Florida, solves that issue by delivering lenses directly to you and at a price often cheaper than bricks and mortar stores.

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