20 HDR Photography Tutorials to Learn This Technique in One Day

Applied with care, High Dynamic Range technique (HDR) can create amazingly beautiful photos which blur our sense of difference between reality and illusion.

The intention is to properly represent a wide range of intensity levels found on real scenes, ranging from deepest shadows to direct sunlights.

Photo by Piotrek FK
Photo by Piotrek FK

Traditionally, an HDR shot is achieved by taking multiple images with different exposures of the same scene and merging those photos together to get the best exposed parts of each on the final image. And the results can be really incredible.

This post covers 20 extremely easy HDR video tutorials that are based on photographers experience from all over the world. Some of them may look too colorful or surreal, fake or magic – but they’re not! Keep in mind that all of them were developed out of usual shots.

1. Secrets of amazing HDR photography

2. Photoshop tutorial: creating an HDR image from a single RAW file

3. Zoner Photo Studio 12 Tutorial

4. How to Get HDR Photos on Your iPod Touch 4G Camera [HD]

5. HDR Tutorial

6. HDR Tutorial

7. Photomatix Pro 4 HDR Software Tutorial Covering Tone Mapping Using Detail Enhancer

8. Lightroom 4.1 new HDR feature compare to Photomatix by Serge Ramelli

9. How to do HDR Photography using Photoshop – Tutorial

10. Basics of HDR Photography

11. HDR Processing Techniques with Rob Hanson

12. Quick HDR Landscape Tutorial

13. HDR Tutorial with Bracketing and Photomatix Pro

14. Captain Kimo’s HDR Technique Revealed

15. Lightroom Tutorial: HDR Look with a Single Image

16. Complete HDR Photo How-To Tutorial

17. Photoshop: HDR Effect Tutorial

18. HDR Photomatix + Photoshop

19. How To HDR Photography Tutorial

20. Tutorial Photoshop CS5 – HDR effect

Not Quite Over

HDR photography could have an amazing result, if its done correctly. Thus, I’d like to share my last piece of advice: the key is not to go extreme and combine dozens of photos, leaving every pixel of the image well exposed. Just leave some room for the natural light, shadows and use moderation, combining all of your images.

Before starting your photo practice with one of these video guides, check out our HDR technique.

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    1. the dynamic range of an ordinary photo is not very great with HDR you increase that range. Showing more highlights and shadows, if done properly most would not know it had been done over do it and it looks appalling. With film the range was their already with digital it is not

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