50+ Great Gifts for Filmmakers

Since DSLRs are used today for both photography and videography, the lines are becoming  more and more blurred.  Filmmakers may not be the easiest to shop for, especially if you are not a techie and cant tell 1080i from 1080p.  Here we try to make your choice easier by giving you a wide range of gift ideas for your favorite filmmaker.

gifts for filmmakers-top

The list is constantly updated as we scour the internet and add more items (you might want to bookmark it).  The latest version includes new technologies and products which are being released.

In this collection you will find everything from 360 degree video cameras to drones, books to novelty items…

Lastly, we would like to emphasize that this list is meant to help you purchase gifts for your dear filmmakers, not yourself 😉

Gift shopping tip:  On some sites like Amazon you can save products in your cart for later, be able to see inventory and price updates and get notifications in your email.

1.Mavic Pro 3 Quadcopter

This is the future of indie filmmaking, DJI has really taken drones to a new level.  A several mile range, 46 minute flight time, 120 fps recording for those great slow mo videos, automatic object avoidance, ground sensors, stabilized camera and ability to see what the camera will record live on your phone or tablet makes this the perfect filming platform, whether you’re shooting a waterfall from 10 feet off the edge, a car commercial on windy roads in the Andes or a real estate flythrough of rooms in a mansion.  Did we mention it folds to fit a small hiking backpack on top of all your day gear? 

mavic 3 drone

2. Nikon Z 9 FX-Format Mirrorless Camera

nikon z9

The  Nikon Z9 boasts a resolution reminiscent of medium format cameras but it goes much farther, including a full frame sensor, deep learning, 8K/30p video capture in-camera for over 2 hours recording time, 4K 120p slow motion video capture and a big movable lcd screen for tripod shooting.

3. GoPro Max — 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera with Spherical 5.2K HD Video, 17MP Photos

gopro max

Not only does this camera do 360, let your viewers rotate films you shot as if they were there with you, and include all the other gopro camera features, it now allows Overcapture.  Imagine something like having a drone follow you, except the camera stays attached to you.  Intrigued?

4.Mevo Live Event Camera

gifts for filmmakers-mevo

This clever little camera can be placed anywhere at events and  allows you to edit on your phone or mobile device while you shoot, and stream live to Facebook, Youtube and others.

5. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

This pro camcorder boasts the DSLR like small format so its really portable, yet has more features than much larger professional camcorders, including removable lens for flexibility, external control such as with a tablet, RAW recording, 6K shooting, SSD or HDMI, and XLR.

6. Gopro Hero

gopro hero camera

The popular waterproof action camera keeps getting better and better. With an incredible 91% more resolution than 4K, 27 megapixel photos, 2.7K resolution 240 fps video that can be played back in 8x slo-motion, award winning insanely smooth advanced stabilization without a gimbal, built in color screen for composing shots and playback, no need for an external enclosure, touchscreen, voice control and wifi for transferring footage, can you really go wrong?  You can even live stream to facebook live and save your streams to a card.   With all the new competition out there GoPro has really added to their camera features to stay on top of the field.  We think they just might.

7) Samsung Gear VR

gifts for filmmakers-gear vr

These inexpensive VR goggles allow you to watch your videos and 360 creations without distraction, not to mention downloadable content, images and games.  It comes with a remote for easier navigation.

8) Røde VideoMic

gifts for filmmakers-rode

The Røde VideoMic can be mounted on SLRs or camcorders.  It turns on automatically with the camera, tells you how much charge you have left, charges via a usb cable.  Other features include high frequency boost, -10DB safety track, two high pass filters,  and multiple power options.

9) 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras

gifts for filmmakers-gimbal

Now you can have stable footage even if you’re using older non stabilized lenses, or with any lens and motion of the camera for that matter.  This gimbal has several modes including locked, pan-follow, pan/tilt follow, and inverted.  The 1/4″ screw allows attachment to tripods, monopods, and other rigs.  Luckily for us, gimbals are no longer just limited to drones.

10) Panasonic Lumix GH6

panasonic lumix gh6

The Panasonic Lumix has gone through several iterations and is just getting better and better.  The GH6 has 5.7K 60p and 4K 120p, Apple ProRes 422 HQ and 422 to deliver high image quality at low compression, full HD 300fps (12.5x) slow motion, 5 axis dual stabilizer.

11) Filmmaker Mug

filmmaker mug

This cool mug will speaks for itself and will help your filmmaker stay  inspired and on track.

12) Rig System for DSLR/video camera

gifts for filmmakers-rig

This rig has everything you need including industry standard rods, a follow focus, matte box, adjustable handgrips and a shoulder pad, all at a great price.  Its lightweight and compatible with many accessories.

13) Movie camera patent art

gifts for filmmakers-art

This poster printed on aged paper depicts Edison’s movie camera patent art and can be framed or unframed.  Great decoration for any studio.

14) Glidecam XR Pro Stabilizer

gifts for fimmakers-glide

You cant go wrong with a Glidecam when you need to stabilize your DSLR or camcorder.  It has a 10 lb payload which will cover a wide range of cameras, and a plate with various size screws and accessory thread.

15) Martin Scorsese: A Retrospective

gifts for filmmakers-scorcese

This book charts Scorcese’s 50 year film career including his most famous films such as Taxi Driver and Goodfellas, packed with hundreds of behind the scenes photos and info.  Great for any movie fan.

16)  Video Blogger Kit

vlogger kit

This great starter kit for any video blogger includes a tripod, rotating ball head, vlexible arm grip, video light, microphone, and bag. No need to search for pieces on your own.

17) Vlogging t-shirt

gifts for filmmakers-vlogshirt

Your friend who’s always vlogging everything deserves this shirt, you know the one.

18) Canon XA15 Professional Camcorder

gifts for filmmakers-xa35

The  XA15 combines portability, good low light performance, a 20x HD Canon lens, dual SD/SDHC/SDXC media slots and and manual camera controls all at an affordable price.

19) Storyboard 16:9 Notebook

gifts for filmmakers-notebook

This storyboard notebook has 120 pages with 4 frames per page arranged vertically (also available with 1 & 2 frames per page) and is a great help for sketching out scenes and camera moves on the go.

20) Bodymount / Windshield mount video camera

bodymount camera

If you need to shoot POV video or from your car, this small camera with 2560x1440P/30fps video recording and 48M megapixel stills also features infrared for shooting in the dark, a 15 hour recording time, loop recording, playback screen, and 256GB of storage.

21) Peace Love Filmmaker Passport Holder

gifts for filmmakers-passport

If your filmmaker travels a lot, this will be a nice gift idea for him/her.  Holds a passport and other travel documents.

22) Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements

adobe photoshop elements and adobe premiere elements

This combo gives the aspiring filmmaker the newest version of Premiere Elements for easy drag and drop video editing and Photoshop Elements which they can use for any still graphics they want to create for the edited piece (or for standalone art/photo editing).

23) Auto Motion Sensor Tracking Smartphone Pod

Motion tracking phone pod

Want your phone to shoot footage of you moving around or doing activities without running out of the frame? This pod gives you motion tracking, target exposure, smart capture, and auto zoom powered by AI technology. You can even mount it on any standard tripod. It’s like having an assistant hold your phone for you.

24) UltraPod Tripod with Mini Ball Head

gifts for filmmakers-ultrapod

This clever little tripod can work like a regular tripod or with an included strap attach to a variety of objects in the field.

25) Astronomy Camera

For the filmmaker who enjoys astronomy. This cool video camera lets you capture colorful nebulae and galaxies.

26) Video Tripod System & Dolly Kit

gifts for filmmakers-dolly

With this package you get both, a sturdy video tripod and a dolly for smooth tracking shots.  Not only that, you can adjust the camera height on your dolly.

27) 3800 Watt Softbox Video Lighting Kit Light Kit

gifts for filmmakers-lightkit

This kit includes all you need for a filming setup, and it all folds neatly into the included carry case.

28) Video Camera Bag

gifts for filmmakers-bag

This nifty camera bag features a water resistant protective shell, a removable interior bucket, shoulder and trolley straps, and adjustable dividers to hold all your gear safely.

29) Smartphone Video Rig

gifts for filmmakers-phone rig

This clever rig for smartphones includes 2 standard shoe mounts for accessories as well as a smartphone mount.  You can use it in 2 hands for stability or it can also be mounted on tripods or dollies.  Horizontal or vertical.

30) Zbook Mobile Workstation

gifts for filmmakers-laptop

If you’re a creative professional such as a video editor and need to work on the go, this laptop has more than enough power to get your work done.  It features an Nvidia T1200 video card, 15.6″ 1920 x 1080 display, 32gb ram, octa core processor and solid state drive.

31)  (Coming Soon)

This is the first low cost high framerate camera.  You can achieve what used to only be able with $30,000 cameras.

32) Rebel without a Crew

gifts for filmmakers-rebel

Robert Rodriguez shares how he made El Mariachi on a shoestring budget, how to save thousands on film school, and teach yourself film production, directing, and screenwriting. Useful book!

33) PowerVision PowerRay Wizard Underwater Drone

gifts for filmmakers-waterdrone

This drone kit will make your dreams of underwater self filming a reality, whether youre a diver or fisherman.  A 30 meter depth and low light capability make the included 4k camera a perfect choice for stunning imagery, whether exploring wrecks or ocean life.

34) Write Shoot Edit Repeat Funny Gift Tee

gifts for fimmakers-editrepeat

Need we say more?

35) Parrot Anafi Drone

Parrot Anafi drone

This smaller less expensive drone kit with zoom includes everything you’ll need to film in HD even in low light conditions.  Take it along in your backpack for your next sunset hike or shoot.

36) The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers

gifts for filmmakers-lawyer

Much less expensive than a lawsuit.  Also tells you among many other things how to safeguard your concept, use state’s film tax credits to fund your film, how to get a script to popular Hollywood actors and hundreds of other questions.

37) 4K Laser Projector

gifts for filmmakers-projector

Your 4k film should be watched at 4k on a display larger than a tv can accommodate.

38) Classic Movie Theater Machine Curtains

gifts for filmmakers-curtain

These curtains can work in any room and should make your aspiring filmmaker very happy.

39) Virtual Reality Glasses

gifts for filmmakers-cheapvr

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on VR goggles with a long cord to be able to watch your footage in privacy, these come with a remote for easy navigation, work with Android and IPhones, and can be yours for a couple dollars.

40) Movie Clapper Board Cufflinks

gifts for filmmakers-cufflinks

These handcrafted cufflinks are a cool conversation piece whether you are a director, filmmaker, producer, actor or fan.

41) Video camera for kids

video camera for kids

This creator video camera for kids includes built in special effects, animated backgrounds, tripod, selfie stick, wrist strap, and photos in addition to videos. Get those young creative juices flowing now.

42) Gift card

gifts for filmmakers-giftcard

Why not get your favorite filmmaker a gift card if you think they would enjoy picking their own gift? (or if they’re just really difficult to shop for)

43) Pocket size video projector

pocket video projector

Wouldnt it be nice to be able to show your films on a large screen anywhere without needing a heavy cumbersome tv or large projector? This pocket wonder can display a 114 inch image, can run for hours off battery, and allows WIFI or wired connection of devices.

44) Filmmaker Infant Creeper

gifts for filmmakers-newborn

Too cute. Newborn to 24 months of age.

45) The Filmmaker Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom

gifts for filmmakers-filmmaker says

A collection of quotations from more than one hundred of history’s most influential and opinionated creators of film.  You can even have a guessing game who said what.

46) Actor Parking Novelty Sign

gifts for filmmakers-no parking

Nice gift if you deal with actors.

47) Filmmaker Wrap Bracelet

gifts for filmmakers-bracelet

Handmade bracelet with a movie tickets and movie camera charm.

48) Written and Directed By Canvas Tote Bag

gifts for filmmakers-tote

Show off your profession or hobby with pride with this heavy weight item that can be used as a  grocery bag, library tote, or beach tote.

49) Filmmaker Drive sign

gifts for filmmakers-sign

This sign is great for your dorm room door, office, or even for outside.

50) Dry Erase Director’s Film Clapboard

gifts for filmmakers-clapboard

No production set is complete without a clapboard, or use it as a gift/conversation piece.

51) Filmmaker socks

filmmaker socks

When you want to tell everyone what youd rather be doing while relaxing on your recliner.

52) Alfred Hitchcock Bobblehead

gifts for filmmakers-hitchcock

Just don’t get Vertigo staring at it too long.

53) Movie mug with quotes

gifts for filmmakers-moviemug

Contains over 2 dozen movie quotes.  You can even make a guessing game out of it, just don’t spill that hot drink!

54) Metal Movie Reels Decoration

gifts for filmmakers-reels

Nice addition for the movie room or office.

We hope this collection comes in handy! If you are looking for gift ideas for photographers instead, check out this link.

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By Nicholas

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