Infographic Feature: Capturing Perfect Wedding Photos

There are many wedding photographers (or people who merely think they can shoot weddings), but there are also many who could brush up on their skills. That’s putting it lightly. We believe that wedding photography is basically a category onto itself because of the high degree of skill and specificity required to pull off shooting any wedding successfully.


We’ve covered wedding photography in the past, with a recent post about it appearing just a few weeks ago. However, since taking wedding photos effectively is definitely a rare skill, we decided to tackle this highly interesting and somewhat complicated photography subject in a very clear way. Enter the infographic!

A lot of readers are simply visual creates…hey, the human brain sometimes just works better that way for some people. An infographic can summarize important techniques and highlight the most vital things about any topic in just a few, clever pictures and accompanying snippets.

To give our readers just the most important details about shooting wedding photos perfectly, we decided to use an infographic, which is something we don’t do that much on Photodoto (but perhaps we should start!). Enjoy!

Hint: Click on the infographic to view it in full-size!


There you go. Wasn’t that an awesome, highly informative and even entertaining infographic? We certainly thought so! If you want to see more of these types of infographics on Photodoto, be sure to leave a comment on how you think infographics like this can help make a photography subject easier than ever to understand.

Today’s infographic comes to us courtesy of Objektiv Wedding Photography, a boutique wedding-photography business, based in Perth, Australia. It’s run by Mladen and Marina Males, a husband-and-wife team. Their combined skill set includes photography, graphic design, event management and marketing. They regularly blog about weddings and the best photography tips and tricks.

By Marc Schenker

Marc is a copywriter and content marketer who covered photography. These days, he runs The Glorious Company, a content marketing agency