Can Images Have Viruses?

Out of all the drawbacks that technology has brought forward, the virus has to be one of the most annoying ones as it can lead to the loss of important files and can infect your computer in the most unexpected ways. 

Computer code

There are various ways through which a virus enters a specific device but can it enter via images? This blog post sheds light on how viruses enter your computer or mobile phone via images and how you can steer clear of them.

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How Is An Image Captured By a Camera?

Photography has become a part of our lives. We’re taking images every day, sharing them with friends and family, and quietly encouraging others to do so without even realizing it, resulting in an incredible amount of photos being taken globally.

Pressing the shutter release button starts a chain reaction inside a camera, leading to an image being recorded. It’s a series of events that happen one after the other inside the camera, all triggered by pressing the shutter release button. It’s like a domino effect – smooth and efficient.

Ever wondered what exactly transpires inside a camera during that process of image-making? Did you ever want to know how a camera captures an image? Today, we’ll learn all about that and more.

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