Why It’s So Hard To Be a Photographer These Days

Today, with the advent of digital photography, anyone with a decent camera believes they can take good photographs, which isn’t entirely incorrect. Modern technologies like auto focusing, auto exposure (these two have been around for a couple of decades, by the way,) auto panorama stitching, and intelligent eye-tracking, to name but a few, have made the need to hire a professional photographer redundant.

These days almost anyone with a decent camera and a little know-how can easily pull off some great photos. Day by day, the competition to be a photographer is becoming stiff. So, is there still a place for a pro photographer in today’s digital world?

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How Can I Be More ______ As A Photographer?


The number two*  question that every veteran photographer gets asked is:

“How can I be more ______ as a photographer?”

You can fill that in with any adjective you’d like:  Creative. Wealthy. Original. Successful. Innovative.

* The number one question is always about gear. Always. And, as always, the gear matters 10% as much as you think it does.

HOW TO GROW AS A PHOTOGRAPHERWhenever you want more out of your photography, or your photography business, the answer is to grow.

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5 Ways to Promote Your Photography Business

You worked really hard to learn the skills that you need to be a fantastic photographer and you worked even harder to build your business. But, for your business to succeed long-term, you need to have a solid marketing plan in place.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

Check out the five tips below for effectively marketing your photography company to the masses.

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Animoto for Photography

I created the above sample video in about 5 minutes using my photos and music from their commercially licensed stock library. Dead simple, nice results. Animoto is so easy because it allows you to exchange control over the video for incredible production speed. Although Animoto does most of the work, you can use the “Spotlight” feature to highlight certain photos and adjust the speed of the video. Animoto could be just the ticket for photographers looking for a secret weapon to help promote their business or as an add-on to sell to customers. It’s also a lot of fun.

Animoto says:

Created by TV & film producers, Animoto for Photography lets you turn your breathtaking photos into stunning video in minutes. Fast, award-winning production value plus a library of 175+ free, commercially licensed songs, gives photographers the most powerful video creation tool available.

Founded by MTV and VH1 alumni, Animoto for Photography automatically produces professional video from the photos and music that a photographer selects. Each video is stunning, completely unique, and takes only minutes to produce.

Animoto: Photography For Business

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