10 Crazy-Cool iPad Accessories for Photographers

Many smartphone gadgets in the market these days take full advantage of all the mobile devices we carry. There are high-tech gadgets for hikers, pet lovers, health junkies, graphic designers and the kitchen. There are even wearable accessories.


Today, I’d like to share with you a list of 10 cool, iOS-enabled iPad gadgets for photographers. iPad is a comfortable tool for viewing any post-processing photos, and for some photographers, this modern tool can be indispensable during the working process.

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5+ Devices to Make Your Smartphone and DSLR Best Friends Forever

It’s hard to deny the fact that most people use only 10-15% of their gadgets’ abilities, either because they do not need much, or simply because they don’t know that their tiny little smartphones have so much in them!

We all know that with a modern phone one can make calls, send messages and surf the Internet. But what about triggering your DSLR camera or scanning your film photos? Okay Phone, and one cappuccino please!

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The 7 Latest and Greatest Camera Bags

One of the most neglected and ignored of all photography accessories is the camera bag! It seems like most photographers—even some of the professional ones—just don’t care about keeping their cameras in great condition and preserving them for years to come. Most people just grab and carry their cameras in their hands, slung around their shoulders, you name it, but that’s not conducive to extending their life and performance.

Then, there’s also the issue of photography equipment, as we all know. This can include everything from lenses and filters to film, if you still haven’t graduated to digital cameras, that is. With all the money you’re spending for your camera and its various accessories, it just makes prudent sense to try to preserve all of this precious stuff for as long as possible. Camera bags are just the ticket!

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5 Amazing Accessories to Pimp Your DSLR

How much money do you need to keep your photographic creativeness high?

$1000? Or maybe $3000? Sure, there are quite a few things that cost that much and even more–and they are strong boosters of the creative process though unfortunately not a panacea.

Having their eyes fixed on premium lenses and bodies, photographers often oversee many useful things that can be of real benefit to the ease and pleasure of the photographic process and will not cost you an arm and a leg.

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5 Mobile Photography Accessories You Will Never Leave Your Home Without

I don’t know a single photographer who would think a Canon L lens-shaped coffee cup is something not absolutely amazing!


Today, web stores are packed with mobile photography accessories you could only imagine:

Camera-resembling iPhone cases, camera-shaped keychains, various photo-filters and hotshoe mounted levels.

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30 Irresistible Photography Gadgets for Your iPhone

Imagine what your friends would say if you could take amazing shots with your iPhone, instead of an expensive DSLR camera?

I want to tell you a secret how to do that.  But shhh… Nobody should know about it.

These days you take more pictures with your phone than with your DSLR. Sadly its lens is far from Canon’s L Series. Thus I’d like to offer a more elegant solution!

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The Best Options for a Great Portable Lighting Kit

In the last two installments we covered basic three and five light studio lighting and that was good. Studio lighting is great if you have a place to work and provided your subject can come to you.

There’s an old Arabic proverb that says when you can’t bring the mountain to your studio, you have to find a way to light the mountain, or something like that. I may be paraphrasing just a bit.

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Camera Bag Options

Carol Kozak left a comment  asking, “Can you recommend a “safe/secure” camera bag for an slr?  [I’m] looking for a main bag for all my gear + a “day” bag.”  Keep in mind that no bag is a completely safe/secure way of storing a camera and Photodoto recommends you treat your camera with the love and respect it so clearly deserves! That said here are a few bags that will do their best to keep your camera safe & dry:

The Green Option.
Get off to an environmentally friendly start with the Primus AW or the Primus Minimus AW from Lowe Alpine. Both are rugged, abrasion resistant, water resistant, and made from recycled materials.  The Primus is designed to hold a DSLR with an attached lens (up to 70-200mm), 1-2 extra lenses, accessories, & some outdoor gear (e.g. a light jacket). The Primus Minimus takes a DSLR with a medium zoom lens attached, plus 1-2 extra lenses, and accessories (charger, extra memory cards, flash, etc). Or if you want to throw your laptop in too try the CompuPrimus AW  which holds a DSLR with lens (up to 70-200mm),

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Review: Wacom Bamboo Fun graphics tablet

I'd purchased one of the original Wacom Graphire tablets a long, long time ago and it served me well. I remember I'd tried a different brand first because it was cheaper but returned it immediately because writing on it felt like crap. The Graphire had a very natural pen on paper feel which I liked a lot. As I said, that was a long time ago. The buttons had fallen off the pen and the surface was heavily scuffed and, let's face it, it was the only patch of light blue in my manly, all-black office space. An upgrade was in order.

So a couple of months ago I decided to try one of the new Bamboo Fun models. I simply can’t justify the expense of the large Intuos tablets for myself (though I’d love to have one if you, kind reader, are feeling generous).

The Bamboo line from Wacom essentially replaces the old Graphire line except for the Graphire Wireless 6×8. The Bamboo comes in two models: The Bamboo Fun and the Bamboo (business version). They are identical except that the Bamboo Fun comes with a wireless mouse and with some old software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Win/4.0 Mac,

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