30 Irresistible Photography Gadgets for Your iPhone

Imagine what your friends would say if you could take amazing shots with your iPhone, instead of an expensive DSLR camera?

I want to tell you a secret how to do that.  But shhh… Nobody should know about it.

Photo by Rafee
Photo by Rafee

These days you take more pictures with your phone than with your DSLR. Sadly its lens is far from Canon’s L Series. Thus I’d like to offer a more elegant solution!

Various filters for your cell phone would help you to take macro or fish-eye shots as good as your professional camera! Moreover, in today’s showcase of irresistible photography gadgets for your iPhone you’ll find an iPhone viewfinder, mini tripod, jelly and clip-on lenses and many many more gadgets!


Apple Iphone (since you’ll need that first 🙂


1. 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit for iPhone

2. Color Filter Manual

3. Mini Tripod for Iphone

iphone tripod

4. Daylight Viewfinder


6. Action Sports Case for iPhone

7.  CPL Clip-on Filter For iPhone

8. Camera Design Case Cover For Apple iPhone


10. Panoramic Accessory for iPhone

11. Infrared Remote Control for Mac, iPhone, and iPod

12. Fish Eye Clip-On Lens

13. Joby JM3-01WW GripTight GorillaPod Stand

14. Bamboo Case for iPhone


16. Black Keychain iPhone Charger

17. Phone App Fridge Magnets

18. Hands-Free Control with Wireless Mic for iOS Devices or Pocket Cameras

19. Easy-Macro Cell Phone Lens Band for iPhone

20. Holga iPhone Case with Detachable Magnetic Lens Turret

21. Cute Imixid Audiobot

22. iPhone Camera Grip

23. iPhone Microphone


25. 8x Zoom Telephoto Long Focal Camera Lens Tripod for iPhone

26. 6X Fixed Optical-Zoom Lens for iPhone

27. Photo Adapter for iPhone

28. Waterproof Skin for iPhone

29. Cyanics iFlash LED Camera Flash For iPhone

30. iPhone and iPod White Scanner

Secret Uncovered

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By Nancy Young

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  1. The jelly lenses are cool, but if you want a longer-term item don’t buy them. I’ve had more than one, given to me as gifts, and they were fun for the week or two that they stuck. Because they stick with a circle of sticky glue-type rubber, they lose suction very quickly, no matter how well you take care of them. You can get the nicer clip-on lenses for less than 5 dollars on Amazon anyway.

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