How to Become a Photographer: The Natural Way

So you want to become a photographer, huh?

Then just forget it, you’ll never be one!

And even if you will – you won’t be a good one anyway

this guy was hoping the camera will help him pickup girls...
this guy was hoping the camera will help him pickup girls…

What’s the catch? I’ll tell you. But first I want to share a little story from my own life.

The “Wannabe” Syndrome

For the past 10 years or so I’ve had quite a trendy hobby – DJ-ing. This is the kind of hobby when lots of people get to know you and many of them will reach out and talk to you.

Throughout the years there where two most popular questions I’ve been asked over and over again:

  • How did you become a DJ?
  • How can I become a DJ?

Basically both questions had the same purpose. The person wanted to learn “how to become a DJ”.

yep, this is me 🙂 do I look cool? 🙂

But the fun thing about this was that I didn’t have the answer!

I tried to recall that moment when I decided that “I want to become a DJ” and I couldn’t. But I did remember how much I loved electronic music and all these hours spent online searching for some fresh tunes.

Then it just happened… you know… naturally.

My friends knew I had a cool collection of music and they invited me to play at a private party. Then again, and again… And eventually I found myself playing each weekend at the biggest night club in our town.

I figured it was my love to electronic music that turned me into a DJ. Not some fake passion to become a “sorta well known person” named DJ.

So whenever I was asked one of the two questions above I immediately asked the person back: “Can you name some of your favorite music producers?“.

Rarely someone could give me an answer that would satisfy me, meaning the person didn’t really want to spin any specific track in the club, he just wanted to be a DJ and stand at the decks and have hundreds of people applause him.

Some of these people were persistent enough to land a few gigs here and there, but soon enough vanished into oblivion.

So What Do You Really Want?

I think the message behind my story is quite clear:
It’s not about who you want to become, It’s about what you’re passionate about!“.

Let’s get back to the photography.

Why have you decided to become a photographer? Because “being a photographer is cool“? Because “it’s a fun and easy way to make money“? Because “you’ll consider yourself a creative person and gain respect from your friends“? Maybe “photographers get all the hottest girls“?

just imagine how many likes you could get on facebook with a self portrait like that…

In case your motivation is any of the above or something closely related – you better let it go right now. That’s an awfully wrong motivation.

But of course you’re not like that. This is about someone else, not you…

Then why the hell are you reading a post titled “How to Become a Photographer“?

Why don’t you go read something like “the basics of taking a great picture” instead?

If you ask about my motivation – I just want to take a picture like this someday:

I’d call it “capturing one of these moments worth living”…

From Zero to…

I have to confess I know nothing about digital photography at this point. But I’m willing to learn and grow up to the moment I’ll shoot a picture that will make people forget they need to breathe.

Luckily I have my friend George Bailey who is willing to help me with those first steps.

I’ll be sharing all my progress here at Photodoto in hope that it will help some other noobs around the world to get better at shooting images.

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What’s YOUR Story?

I’m really interested to hear your story! How did it happen that you are a photographer today? What motivated you in the first place? What is your motivation now?

Share your story in comments, so that noobs could get a sense of how the “real” photographers are born!

See you in comments! 🙂

By Abigail Geer

Abigail is a freelance writer with a passion for photography. She loves sharing her tips and tricks, insights, and inspiration. From wildlife and landscape to travel and portraiture, Abigail always has her camera at the ready.