John Berd is a well-known fashion photographer that lives in Paris and studies history of art.

5 Awesome Ways to Grow as a Photographer

Often beginners in photography are asking me the same question – “How can I become more creative as a photographer?”

I truly believe that it’s creativity that drags our attention to the image. I’ve seen thousands of technically flawless images that meant nothing to me, while sometimes one image with noise and not that perfect light stroke me, because it had unique idea in it.

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Indigo Child Marwane Pallas

With his photos he proves that you don’t need hundreds of models to implement in reality even the most crazy idea.


I thought I would add some type of interview alongside with those pictures, but after reading his formspring and talking to him I understood that he doesn’t bother himself to be serious. Answering question, “How you would characterize your art, work, photography?”, he said “Personal, personal, personal”

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Martin Stranka and Music of His Dreams

Martin Stranka is one of my most favorite photographers. I decided to open his inner world made of fragile subtle senses filled with poesy and sounds of beautiful music to readers of PhotoDoto.

All this gives us opportunity to enjoy visual side of this whole universe in one person.


J.B.: Martin, I know that most of readers are waiting to see here questions mostly about your photos, probably some bio and if they are lucky enough even get some processing tips or general photography advises. But I want to talk to you about inspiration, and mostly about its musical component.

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