1. I do not understand this obsession with Instagram. It is probably due to the filters they use, the pictures link back to nostalgic times where photography looked different. I also noticed this square format. And if you capture pictures with an Iphone, you probably react faster than with a professional camera, which enables you to capture more candid moments, I would assume. It is also an off guard taking pictures, no pressure, I take pictures with my Iphone, it if for fun, which might make you question more about your photography in general, and why you are taking pictures in the first place. ( the professional photographers ). Generally speaking, because otherwise, I do not think photography is all about having fun. Or it should be considered/regarded as being more than that.

  2. Simona, having been in the photography business nearly 30 years, I find it a shame that none of the great Instagram pics get printed, and dying computers lose them. Early days for it yet, but i made an Android and Iphone Instagram printing App called Metroprint

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