Logos for Photography Business: 5 Trends to Use

A well-designed logo is a must-have tool for any photographer and studio wants to be seen on the market. According to many analysts, a logo plays an important role in entrepreneur’s success. Especially, if it’s a part of a brand identity.


Logos for Photography Business Trends

Use the following trends and ideas to create a powerful logo for your photography business and grab the attention of potential customers in a matter of a moment.

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10 Silly Mistakes Photographers Make

It’s OK to make mistakes. In fact, our experience is all about making mistakes and learning certain lessons out of them.

So by listing these silly mistakes most photographers have probably made at least once, we’re by no means scoffing at anyone. Our goal is to draw your attention to some issues you can easily avoid if you approach your daily routine with more conscience.

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5 Tactics to Make Your Photography Clients a Wellspring of Repeat Business

Have you ever wondered why some photographers have their doorbell ringing all day long while others are struggling week to week in order to sell their work?

The secret is simple – successful photographers are also successful psychologists who invest most of their time and effort in developing long-lasting relationships with their clients.

How To Make Your Photography Clients a Wellspring of Repeat Business

Building bonds with people may get rather challenging, but after all, it’s not a rocket science. In this article you’ll find out some simple yet essential principles of creating strong and fruitful relationships with your clients, and thus, grow your photography business.

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Cool Infographics for Photographers

Photographers always perceive surroundings via visual pictures which assemble of millions of shapes, sounds and aromas from all around. Just because of it, infographics are the best way of perception of any information by all professional photographers and photo lovers.

And if you are the one of those lucky photo camera holders who can�t pass by a cognitive piece of information about photography then you are in the right place now. Here we have gathered 9 cool infographics for photographers which can blow your mind. There are some useful tips and interesting facts on photography-related topics. Have a good time with these infographics!

Take Photos in Low Light

Photo infographic

* * *

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