Fujifilm X70 User Review: Sweet for Street

Fujifilm x70 is the newest little beast in Fujifilm lineup of premium compact cameras. This camera is targeted towards enthusiast and professional photographers (thanks to retro styling and large APS-C sensor) who want to travel light and want image quality at the same time.

Fuji X70 User Review

Fuji x70 is a trade-off between the legendary Fujifilm x100T and more travel oriented point and shoot Fujifilm x30. With a fixed prime lens of 28mm (35mm equivalent) and an APS-C sensor, it’s a must have for all street photography lovers.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mirrorless Cameras

Micro four-thirds cameras, otherwise known as mirrorless cameras, have been around for a little while now. And during the time they’ve been on the market, the companies that make them have been steadily improving on these pint-sized wonders.

Many professional photographers in different fields are beginning to make the switch to mirrorless cameras, opting for something smaller than bulky DSLRs. And many other photographers who still need the high image quality of a pro-level DSLR are adding mirrorless cameras to their go-bags.

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