6 Mistakes to Avoid in Long Exposure Photography

Do you want to get better at creating long exposure photos? Long exposure photography is famous for tranquil and serene landscape shots, but when engaging in this type of photography there are many pitfalls that can ruin your shots.

Long Exposure Photography Tips by Peter Bredahl - Photodoto

Below you will find a list of 6 common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Painting with Light: Tutorials and Photos

Light painting photography is also known as light drawing or light graffiti. This photographic technique is wide spread among professional and amateur photographers thanks to its simplicity and beauty.

To take such photos will not took much time, so you can try it whenever you want. You just need to have

  • Camera;
  • Tripod;
  • Light source (LED light, flash light, candles, etc.);
  • Darkness.

There are a few video tutorials on how to take light painting photography. There you’ll find some basic tutorials and some advanced ones but still they are understandable and easy to apply.

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Light painting tutorial video

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