Which Green Screen for Video Conferencing?

Oh, dear! You just remembered you have a Zoom call in 5 minutes! Thankfully, you remembered in time, but unfortunately, your house is a mess.

With everyone home so much lately, the cleanliness of your house has slowly backslid until somehow a certain amount of clutter has become the norm. But, piles of laundry and toys scattered across the floor won’t do for this important work call.

The good news is that you’ve already read this article and learned about the best green screen for video conferencing — our favorite- the Fotodiox collapsible green screen. You’ve even got it set up and ready to go, all you need to do now is get your face ready and throw on a decent shirt.


While the Fotodiox is an excellent all-around choice, different screens may work better for you depending on your green screen needs. Read on to learn everything you need to know about choosing a green screen for video conferencing.

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