3 Photo Tips for a Unique Christmas Card

A personalized photo greeting card during the holiday season is the most special and endearing way that you can send the seasons cheer to your friends and family. Such cards bring joy in the present and also serve as keepsakes for the future. They are likewise a fun family project if you get everyone involved.

Getting Started is Half the Battle

Photo Christmas Card Tips and Advices

Photo card by ChristmasCardDirect

Judicious preparation will go a long way in creating a Christmas photo card. It has been said that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. This truism in apt in planning a photo shoot. There are key basics to consider before you start photographing.

  • A camera is obviously necessary. The best results can be obtained from a digital SLR but even a basic point and shoot camera can suffice. An electronic flash, either built-in or outboard, may also be required.
  • A tripod is needed if you are planning to be in the shot with your family.
  • Know your light source. Daylight is colder, leaning towards blue. Indoor incandescent light is warm, leaning towards red. Fluorescent light falls somewhere in between. Most modern digital cameras allow you to adjust the white balance to match these situations. Use that tool to adjust your camera to the light.
  • Eliminate obstacles. Is there is anything that will get between you and the perfect shot, move it.
  • Look closely at the background to avoid nasty mistakes such as a tree growing out of someone�s head. The background is a key part of the shot. Make sure it works.
  • If you are shooting a group where individuals are at different distances to the camera, use a small aperture like f-16 or smaller to utilize depth of field. This will help achieve sharp focus at these varying distances.
  • Test your shots by taking sample exposures and then viewing them on your computer. Also remember to charge your batteries.

Get the Idea

Photo Christmas Card Tips and Advices
Photo card by Shutterfly

Decide on a theme for your photograph. Basic variations would be a formal portrait, a casual candid grouping, or a simply goofy idea. Within that realm there are different concepts possible.

  • Gather the family to trim the tree. A group action shot like this works well.
  • Create a family Nativity by dressing everyone to fit the part. Construct a simple set for everyone to pose and you can photograph the first Noel family style.
  • Put young children in large, festive holiday boxes and capture the fun. Let the family be caught opening these special presents.
  • Use large craft letters and let the family spell out a festive word such as �Merry.�
  • Use your imagination to create a scene that is traditional for your family such a baking Christmas cookies.

Tie It with a Bow

Photo Christmas Card Tips and Advices
Photo card by InvitationBox

Choose the right card to display your masterpiece. Search for the card that best suits your photo and add your picture. There are several ways to present that photograph.

  • A one sided card is one most people are familiar with. Online sellers such as Shutterfly offer different designs like flat stationary cards or flat photo cards. They use an online editor that allows you to design the card and upload your photos. Their price per card decreases as the size of your order increases. They also have one fold photo cards available.
  • A card that is hand made by you and your family has special appeal. You can use colorful card stock available at office supply stores or a stiff cloth for a classy look. Photos can be printed out on your inkjet photo printer on either glossy or matte photo paper. Attach the photo using rubber cement.
  • Send an E-Card. Compose the perfect combination of photograph, background, and greeting in a photo manipulation program such as Photoshop or the free programs such as Inkscape or Gimp. Save this as a .jpg file and paste into the body of your e-mail.

The tools we have available today are powerful. If you combine the creative potential of digital photography with software photo manipulation, the possibilities are endless. Add to that your own special hand crafting and you will have a keepsake to send to friends and family that they will treasure for years to come.

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