Maternity Photography: Hot Pregnancy Trends

Isn’t it a wonder to see a new life being created inside you? It’s a miraculous tiny little being living in your belly for nine months, must be a terrific feeling to be living with!

Photo by Jerry Lai
Photo by Jerry Lai

Many women say, pregnancy is a wonderful time that every woman must go through, and these days capturing this priceless time in good photos has become the need of the hour, for many couples.

Of course, reasons for each couple to create maternity photos differ – for instance, for some couples it comes down to celebrating the baby who is about to arrive, and celebrating the togetherness of the current family. For some others, it could be to help the family grow emotionally stronger. Believe it or not, pregnancy is not just about those ugly stretch marks and swelling, but also about celebrating the greatest joy and potential of family proximity that it offers to the whole family.

Over the years pregnant women have understood the significance of creating memories of their pregnant selves. The trend, I believe was started with the Vanity Fair article that appeared long time ago. That article inspired many pregnant women to do a maternity photo shoot, and that’s how the statistics of pregnancy photo shoots changed and increased dramatically. Thinking, why you need a maternity photo shoot? Here’s why…

You are your best self

Believe it or not, but when you are pregnant you are your best self. You are bringing a new life to the world and that adds a lot of glamor to you. Remember there are very few moments in life that come back and this is one of those. You have to make it memorable.

You are happy, so why not keep it for a lifetime

Pregnancy is difficult, but as a women you feel happier than you have ever been. Most women are simply bubbling with happiness that reflects from their body. Isn’t it a great idea to capture all this energy, aura and good vibes forever?

Image credit: Ellie Williams
Image credit: Ellie Williams

It’s truly fun

A photo shoot is a great time to bond with your partner, children and your growing baby. You’ll capture the love and appreciation your partner is feeling for you at that delicate point of time.
And here are latest maternity photography trends – tips/tricks, for a woman like you who are keen on meeting the powerful YOU!

A gift, literally and figuratively

This is one particular trend that does not fade away with time. The idea here is to tie a ribbon around the belly and state that the baby is a gift from heaven and that the gift should not be opened until its due date.

Image credit: By Tyla Phototgraphy
Image credit: By Tyla Phototgraphy

Showing off the sonogram

Many couples prefer to show off the sonogram snap of their baby in the maternity photo shoot. The sonogram will be mindfully placed on top of the belly signifying the arrival of the baby.

Image credit : Chelsie
Image credit : Chelsie


This is the most upcoming maternity photography trend as many photographers have started ditching the land and are welcoming water in their photo shoots. Water helps in creating breathtaking images that give out quite a surreal image.

Cavale Doom
Cavale Doom

The right time

A maternity shoot takes place in the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy as it is one of the most comfortable times for the mother to actually prepare for a professional photo shoot. In this time, the mother will look and feel more confident about her appearance, and also the shape of the belly would be then just perfect for an inspiring picture.

Remember, it is the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy, no sooner and no later.

Frank de Kleine
Frank de Kleine

Professional photography is not that expensive

It’s a super hyped myth that hiring professional photographers can cost you a fortune because it doesn’t. These days, most of the photographers give you options to cut down your cost. Usually they have standard fees that vary for digital and prints. Prices are negotiable, but you have to see the photographer’s work as well.

Make sure that the photographer you hire knows the job well otherwise see your heart ache all the time you see the photos.

Comprehend this: Every human being that you see around was given life by a woman! Powerful, indeed!

Some of the maternity photography trends are all gimmicky, and, therefore, you should avoid falling for those silly ideas. Hopefully, the mentioned pregnancy photography tips in this article should suffice all your curiosity pertaining to maternity photography.

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