How to Capture Beautiful Beach Sunset Photos

Beaches provide camera owners with many opportunities to take beautiful pictures. The natural beauty and myriad of colors make photos more interesting and impressive. A sunset is a favorite object for many photographers. Here are a few tips on how to capture beautiful sunsets.


What makes sunsets really beautiful is the lighting. When the sun goes down the horizon bursts into a fusion of colors: pink, orange, blue, purple. It’s like an artist decided to pour multiple colors on his canvass all at once. To take the perfect photo you have to catch the setting sun at its best. The best time is usually around 3-4 pm. Towards the evening the light takes on a golden tinge.

Look for a good angle

Beach photos usually look nice because beaches are very photogenic. But if you want your photos to stand out you have to know how to locate a good angle. Sometimes it’s all about positioning. Avoid taking those cliche shots. They might be pretty but they are no different from all the pretty pictures out there. Pretty pictures don’t stand out. A good angle can add life and attitude to a photo.

Maximize the little details

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a huge difference. Instead of taking standard sunset photos look for small details like footprints in the sand, sloping horizons or rocks jutting out. You can feature these small details in your sunset photos.

Use the forces of nature to your advantage

You don’t necessarily have to take pictures only on sunny days. Sometimes the best sunset photos are taken during stormy weather. Storms can make the beach come to life.


Control the exposure. Taking beach shots can be challenging because of the brightness of the surroundings. Use the manual mode and play around with it. Try taking different test shots to see which setting works best.

Black and White photos

Although one of the best things about taking sunset photos are the colors, taking black and white photos can also bring out the beauty of the setting sun. Taking black and white shots can bring out the mood of the environment. Just make sure you don�t take black and white photos during overcast days. The lack of contrast will leave your picture looking dull and lifeless.

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