Digital Brochures to be Hip to the Latest Business News

There are tons of useful information on the web and, most likely, you’d like to know all its pieces. But it’s impossible to note the whole lot! So, the information should be minutely processed and clearly presented with colorful graphics and compact tables.

At this stage interactive digital brochures are of a great use for those who provide online business, and for those who investigate the niche field looking for the most beneficial terms of collaboration. Glossy flip pages look like a usual paper magazine. It seems that you look at a double-page spread of some business publication through a clear glass and nothing prevents you from turning pages over.

So, today we are going to offer to you some interesting examples of digital brochures in order that you can arrange your information in the most presentable way.


Affecto Flip pages

* * *

Corporate INTL

Corporate INTL Flip pages

* * *


Ledge Flip pages

* * *


Airmiles Flip pages

* * *


Don’t you think these designs are quite well?

By Davlin Ann

Ann Davlin is a young inspired editor of Design Web Kit Blog. She takes a rose-colored view of all the things around and will be glad to share her world-view with you. Find her on Google+.

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