Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review: Full-Frame King?

Moving from the APS-C to the full-frame world can be a very intimidating thing to do. After all, you’re going to spend a significant amount of money; money you have most likely been saving up for quite some time.

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There are so many options out there, and we know you want to pick a camera that will give the most bang out of your buck and be a perfect fit for your shooting style or habits.

Brands like Nikon and Sony have produced some of the most impressive full-frame cameras available in the market. Nikon has the FX series such as the D5, D850, D750, and D610. Sony has taken the mirrorless world by storm with it its a7 line. These models provide you with a superb shooting experience but Canon trumps all of these cameras with its beloved 6D.

Choosing a Camera

There’s a long list of things to consider when choosing which full-frame camera to get. Just choosing which brand you’re going to get is already hard enough. That’s why you have to know for sure the pros and cons of each brand. After that, you also have to take into account the different individual features that a certain camera boasts, like autofocus, megapixels, LCD screens, and so on.

Canon cameras have certain strengths over its rival, Nikon. For example, there is a wider range of lenses available for Canon. They also have more convenient buttons which makes fiddling with settings less of a hassle. When it comes to frame rates, Canon has a slight edge thanks to its famed image processing system.

The King of Full Frame Cameras?

Full-frame cameras are responsible for a lot of today’s most iconic images. Professional photographers from all around the world use these cameras every day. If you’re looking for a full-frame camera of your own, your best bet is the Canon 6D Mark II. You may be wondering, why the 6D when it isn’t even Canon’s flagship camera?

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While it may not be the king of full frames, here are a few reasons you should consider purchasing the Canon 6D Mk II as your first camera in the world of full-frame.

1. It’s a relatively affordable full frame camera.

It’s one of the cheapest Canon full-frame cameras out there. For a budget-friendly price of just a little over $1,000, you can get yourself a camera with a full-frame sensor. For something that’s relatively affordable, you’re already going to get a mature product as opposed to a Sony A7, which is in the same price range but carries some inconvenient quirks that were fixed in later versions.

2. It is perfect for quickfire twitch shooting.

Autofocus and rapid frame rate are two of a camera’s most crucial features. It could spell the difference between a great shot and a missed opportunity. This is especially true for those who photograph sports or concerts. Everything can and will happen so quickly, and you’re going to need a camera that won’t just focus quickly but also as accurately as possible. The Canon EOS 6D’s 45 points of autofocus will help you get there.

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3. It features a dynamic touch LCD screen.

In today’s photography landscape, having a folding LCD screen is as good as required for any DSLR. For one, an inferior screen would make identifying flaws on photos and videos a much harder task. Touch screens are now becoming more prevalent in the world of digital cameras, and that extends to DSLR. This allows photographers to pick a focus point just by pointing and touching a certain spot on the screen — a very convenient feature if you’re looking to shoot video with your Canon. The added articulation of the 6D’s screen adds another convenience to the package.

4. It’s resilient, relatively lightweight, and reliable.

Canon 6D cameras, despite not being fully water-sealed, have been used by many seasoned photographers all over the world in different kinds of settings like jungles, deserts, or tundras. The 6D is also lighter than its big brother, the Canon 5D Mark IV (120 grams to be specific). Mix these with this camera’s lengthy battery life and you’ve got a camera that can deliver when you need it to.

The Future is Full-Frame

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As technology improved in the past couple of years, so did the number of full-frame cameras released in the market. Canon, Nikon, and Sony have taken great strides in giving photography amateurs and pros alike a wide array of options to choose from. Each has its own pros and cons but the Canon 6D is considered to be one of the most attractive cameras out there due to its amazing performance at budget-friendly prices.

To learn more about the Canon 6D Mark II or to see current pricing, check it out here at B&H or Amazon.

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