11 Photography Rules You Should Start Breaking

If you’re going to break photography rules you should firstly learn them, think them over and practice in creating great photography. Otherwise, there is a risk that your photos will look like ones taken by an awkward photographer.

Photo by Konstantin Yolshin
Photo by Konstantin Yolshin

When a creative man starts experimenting, it always means that his mastership is rising high (as long as these experiments are successful).

Be ready that photo community can be passive-aggressive to your bold experiments, so you have to know photography techniques perfectly well and uphold your creativity. So if you don’t afraid to experiment then come here: we have some ideas for you to start with. And now start breaking photography rules using these 11 rebellious tips.

1. When capturing a photo of a landscape try to avoid elements which disturb the composition. But who did say that irrelevant objects should spoil final shots?

avoid disturbing elements on photos
Photo by Zack Schnepf

2. They say that you should hold your camera straight for getting better photos. Fashion photographers break these statements down.

don't afraid to experiment with angles
Photo by Alexandre Guilbeault

3. Don’t photograph heads only. Capture full-length portraits. It seems to be a good advice, but nowadays Internet is flooded with headshots. It’s on fashion!

photos of heads
Photo by MeuhMeuhh

4. Center objects on photos. On the contrary minimalist photography welcomes placing objects on one side. Moreover, there is an opposite Rule of Thirds that you should really keep in mind.

rule of thirds
Photo by Dragan Gyorfy

5. Try to avoid photographing when a crowd can totally or partly cover your photo and disturb the composition. Yes, it can happen, but you’ll more likely catch a fantastic shot. It’s worth trying.

photograph when people are all around
Photo by Martin Kozak

6. Don’t forget about focusing. Using unexpected selective focusing can also be exciting and effective.

shooting out of focus
Photo by RobW

7. Photos taken too close to people look bad. Yeah, if you try to shoot your sleepy friend after a night-long party then close-up pictures will probably be awful. But healthy skin and good make-up are in charge.

close-up photos of people
Photo by Jeremiah Newton

8. Some photographers can persuade you that it’s better to photograph people when placing the camera on the level of their eyes. But shooting from above or from below can bring you unexpectedly cool results.

Photography Rules You Should Break
Photo by Kevin Yang

9. Photograph people on contrast backgrounds. Yeah, in general people shouldn’t merge into backgrounds, but thus you can create fantastic shots where some parts of a body are invisible.

Photography Rules You Should Break
Photo by David Alquezar

10. Try not to take photos opposite the sun or other bright light source. That’s a bad advice, because if you know how to deal with lightning, then you can create unrealistic warm-colored images.

take care about lighting sources
Photo by 3 Joko

11. Morning and evening are proclaimed to be the best day times for shooting. Don’t believe this statement – mild lightning is not an obligatory condition for good photos.

11 Photography Rules You Should Break
Photo by 3 Joko

We hope you enjoyed these tips and found them inspirational. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments field below!

By Davlin Ann

Ann Davlin is a young inspired editor of Design Web Kit Blog. She takes a rose-colored view of all the things around and will be glad to share her world-view with you. Find her on Google+.


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