101 Extraordinary Self-Portrait Ideas to Spice Up Your Facebook Profile

Do you feel uninspired? Have no models or interesting subjects available? You are the best model and photographer at the same time! You can always take a picture of yourself. A self-portrait has been a popular form of expression since man first saw his own reflection.

Self-portraits are often confused with selfies. Indeed, selfies have been a major trend in recent years. And by actually learning how to shoot a proper selfie, you can achieve some great results with this technique. However, self-portraits are different.

When you are your own model, everything is up to you – posing, lighting, composition and equipment. Of course, to take a good self-portrait you’ll definitely need a tripod to secure your camera. You will also need to set a self-timer on your camera or get yourself a remote shutter. If you want to take a series of photos while you do your certain acts, set your camera to continuous shooting mode. Then you can choose the ones you like best and delete the rest.

Here I have collected 101 amazing self-portraits to bump up your creativity (and to inspire you to take your own and finally change your Facebook profile picture). Every picture shows how different and extraordinary every individual is. There is a range of different kinds of photos – from shy photos made ​​with the help of a mirror to amazing soul-searching portraiture. All these models-photographers transform themselves lots of times to produce exceptional self-portraits. You can work yourself into crazy poses, convey all kinds of emotions, dress up or dress down and do whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to experiment on yourself and create something really new.

1. Zheleznova-J


2. Veronika STrambini


3. Xeni Po


4. Catherine Volkova


5. Philipp Franceschini


6. Greta Tuckute


7. Olga Gabsattarova


8. Fabrizio R.


9. Robert Maschke


10. Guillermo Carballa


11. Ira Chernova


12. Regayip


13. Danielle Hughson


14. Lara Jade


15. Bernt Carlzon


16. Kate Toluzakova


17. Sabine Metz


18. Invisible Cirkus


19. Andres Thor


20. Yana Pace


21. Yana Pace


22. Andrew Studebaker


23. Bexe


24. Alexander Kan


25. Julia Caban


26. Jacqui van Grootel


27. Anna Shakina


28. Paul Snyder


29. Cristina Otero


30. Anastasia Fursova


31. Zhang Jingna


32. Nick Weinrauch


33. Alex Stoddard


34. Enzo Farina


35. Olga Martzoukou


36. Jen Tse


37. Lauren Bates


38. Lauren Bates


39. Sonya Khegay


40. Farzaneh Rezaie


41. Gusto


42. Lex Wilson


43. Devid Camerlynck


44. Blake Herman


45. Ilona Joy


46. Felicia


47. Linedanser


48. Paul Stevenson


49. Kyle Thompson


50. Marina Sivakova


51. Halaquinn-arcadias


52. Mathias Alilstock


53. Aimee Ketsdever


54. Ismael Salmeron


55. Carlo Bonini


56. Geta Bagheta


57. Calle Hoglund


58. Allan Roney


59. Kate Toluzakova


60. Atte Tanner


61. Maria Sanz Leon


62. Anna Donlan


63. Richard Backer


64. Laura Karoline


65. Joy Butler


66. Eudald


67. Atremis


68. Kailey Thompson


69. Stephen Crutchfield


70. Abigail Harenberg


71. Chris Cove


72. Simon Withyman


73. Morela Viridis


74. Stellar


75. Josefine Jonsson


76. Polina Rabtseva


77. Garrett Hauenstein


78. Brooke Shaden


79. Tamar Burduli


80. Carmen Moreno


81. Ilona Rubinshtain


82. Rebekah W


83. Shawn Van Daele


84. Irina Vorotyntseva


85. Anan Mohamad Amri Adanan


86. Ellens Angelica G.


87. Jon DeBoer


88. Riley Alexandra


89. Patty Maher


90. Lizzy Gadd


91. Tasha Marie


92. Ilaria Tranquillo


93. Fabio Iacomino


94. Lizzy Gadd


95. Sus Blanco


96. Desiree Delgado


97. Alex Beadon


98. Kamila Gornia


99. Emma Katka


100. Anna Pruzhevskaya


101. Julia Davila


Now is Your Turn

My showcase is over and now it’s your turn to take a self-portrait picture. It’s the best time to drag out your camera, set up a timer and become the main subject of your next masterpiece. If you have some pretty neat self-portraits that you’ve taken, don’t hesitate to share it with curious Photodoto audience in the comment field.

By Nancy Young

Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger. She writes inspirational articles on web design, photography, and technology. She enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Nancy believes in a magic of written words to inspire and motivate. Currently, she is working as a writer at OneDesBlog.