5 Tips on How to Take Group Photos This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Today’s the worst day for American turkeys but one of the greatest holidays for all good people (which we hope you are 🙂 ). This day people get together and express their gratitude to all the good things in their lives.

Thanksgiving turkey greetings

Family feast is the common thing during every Thanksgiving. The entire family get together to taste a holiday turkey with a glass of wine. And what do people do during such gatherings? They eat, drink, have some fun and of course take photos!

So as a gratitude to all of you for being with us we want to share this 5 tips on how to take group photos this Thanksgiving. These short advices will help you to take quality photos of your friends and relatives on the holiday party as well as they’ll prevent several bad mistakes of your future camera handling.

1. Start before having meal

Thanksgiving turkey

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The first reason why it’s better to take photos before anyone eats is that it helps to avoid clothes stained with food and drinks. And another one is that when the party is in full swing it’s almost impossible to find an untouched dish: everything’s bitten and crushed.

Moreover after a nourishing supper people relax, they are not eager to pose for camera. So you can start taking Thanksgiving pictures when guests jon the way to come and the holiday turkey is still too hot to be eaten.

2. Think about a clear background in advance

Thanksgiving photo

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Look around and find some good place for taking photos. The background shouldn’t be too distracting, so that people were not lost in it.

Moreover you should take a good look at the outdoor � there may be many beautiful places. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, so more likely you’ll find something worth photographing. And take the weather into account when searching for a perfect place for a Thanksgiving photo session. Autumn rains can seriously adjust your plans for the holiday.

3. Don’t photograph people sitting at the table

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You should better ask your family and friends to sit or stand (or maybe even lie) side by side. Otherwise it should be hard to focus your camera correctly, especially if you don’t have any complex professional equipment. You should also remember that objects which are closer to the camera always look larger and a little bit lighter than those which are more distant.

You should also poses your camera a little higher then the eye level of the tallest person in front of you. It means that you have to stand up from your chair and take several steps back from the table. .

4. Choose proper light

Thanksgiving photography

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Maybe this advice should be #1 in this tips list because a lack (or excess) of lighting can spoil even the most promising photo. So if you camera is equipped only with a default flash you surely can try to use it. But almost every built-in flash is weak. That’s why additional flash devices are very asked for. You can also try to use HDR mode instead of Flash. Some cameras has this feature as a default one. There are also camera phones with an HDR mode or special photo apps which convert shots into the high dynamic range format.

5.Use a tripod

Thanksgiving photography

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A tripod is your best friend when it comes to taking feast photos. It will always hold your camera steady.

You can take quality photos without using a tripod only if your lens is rather
large (the exposure is 1/50th of a second or faster). But they cannot easily be held because of their sizes and weight. Smaller lenses are rather convenient but photos taken using them are not so good. Tripod can easily minimize this problem, so make a decision :).

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