Weekend assignment: Three shots

Imagine you were stranded with a camera but only enough film/battery/storage for three shots. Just three. What would you shoot? Would you be more careful with your composition? Pay extra special attention to your shutter speed, focus, and other settings? In short, will you focus more on what you are doing? Consider this an experiment. Let’s find out if being more thoughtful about what and how you are shooting (rather than using the machine-gun method) changes your photography in a significant way.

To participate you must make this vow to yourself: “On Saturday (or Sunday), on my honor, I will shoot only three photographs. And to help keep myself honest, I won’t look at them until the following day.”


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Weekend assignment: Available light night photography

Capturing light is the essence of photography. So what do you do when the sun goes down? Fortunately, light is ever present, be it the sun, moon, stars, a single flashlight under the covers, or the glow of a city at night bustling with activity. Making photographs at night is a strange and wonderful thing.

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Weekend assignment: Night portraits

If you’ve ever taken a flash photograph at night, you probably know first hand how cold and unnatural these kinds of photographs can look. What you often end up with is an overexposed photograph of a person floating in a sea of black space. But there is a better way to make a portrait at night, the subject of this week’s Weekend Assignment.

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