Top 6 Best Cameras Under $1000

If you are interested in taking up photography as a hobby or just love snapping pictures of family and friends, you are probably well aware of how expensive most high-end digital cameras can be.

The really great cameras all seem to be well outside your budget. In fact, if you happen to run across a great camera for around $3000, you might be inclined to consider yourself lucky.

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How to Choose the Right Digital Camera for a Specific Type of Photography

Are you overwhelmed with the many digital camera options available in the market? This article will help you determine the right camera for your specific photography need.

Whether its portrait, landscape, travel, sports and adventure, or aerial photography that you want to get into, you cant just settle for the most popular.

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What is a Digital Camera? Here’s a Snapshot

The world of technology is developing quicker than we are. Professors and engineers design and invent gizmos, gadgets and appliances which are ahead of their time, and possibly ours. This means there is no longer any shame in admitting you are not aware of a certain product or device. Electronic manufacturers release new models and versions of products almost every 6 months. Our TV screens becomeg bigger than our walls, our kitchens are dominated by can-opening robots and you can’t spend five minutes with a group of friends or family before someone brandishes a mobile phone and in a flash (literally) you’re Facebook’s next tagged atrocity.

So let’s take a minute to get comfortable with what has become one of life’s most essential, useful and fun technological advances – the digital camera.

Differences Between The Conventional and Digital Cameras

mechanical camera






So, what is a digital camera? Try thinking of it as your traditional cameras big brother. Your old film camera had a ball with mixing chemicals and flamboyantly conjuring up its artistic delights via many evening sessions spent in dark rooms.

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