How to Hashtag Photography Tweets

Twitter has more then 100 million monthly active users and half of them log in every day. On Twitter you can easily find like-minders and friends, customers and business partners. For photographers it’s a great chance to build a close relationship with current and potential clients and to become more recognizable in photography sphere. All these things are quite well known for most of you. But not everybody is versed in Twitter hashtags. These bizarre words can be very irritative or, maybe you don’t even know that they exist. 🙂 So take a minute to know these scraps of words better and not only will you find them useful and effective, they’ll also become your best assistants for your whole life in Twitter!

Benefits from #hashtags

  • Twitter hashtags help users to spread information.
  • They arrange and categorize flows of information. It is kind of similar to the Google Search in Twitter
  • Hashtags increase your chances to hit the very target audience.
  • They increase your recognizability among experts in professional circles.
  • It is a great promotional tool which doesn’t require any complex knowledge and skills.

It’s very easy to use hashtags: just add #YourHashtag to the end of your tweet:

twitter photography hashtags

or insert the hashtag’s sign – # – into the message.

twitter photography hashtags

Your tagged tweet will appear in the real time news stream in a matter of couple of seconds.

Now here is the most popular hashtags for photographers and photo fans. These definitions are very relative, so feel free to use them your own way.

The most popular photography hashtags

#photography – It is one of the most general photography hashtags. You can use it almost everywhere (certanly if your tweet is relevant to the current topic).
#photog This hashtag can also be used to facilitate Twitter discussions about photography. Moreover it is not so long as #photography is.
#photogs Use this hashtag to inform photographers that there is something interesting for them.
#photo Do you want to share some photo with your Twitter friends? Go ahead with this hashtag!
#foto It’s another spelling of hashtag #photo. People know that it’s incorrect but online community likes to shorten everything. So use #foto to extend your sphere of influence.
#camera Camera gears, gadgets, gizmos and equipment of all kinds which can be identified with this hashtag.

You can also think up your own Twitter hashtags. Also there is a risk that your hashtag will be too unique to be widely used by your Twitter auditory. But you can force yourself a little to become the owner and inventor of a new Twitter trendy hashtag.

We hope that this article was useful and interesting for you. We have other alluring tips for photographers on our blog, so don’t hesitate to take a look at them.

By Davlin Ann

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