Free Secrets of Digital Night Photography Webcast

O’Reilly is putting on a free webcast on Digital Night Photography by Harold Davis, author of Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers, reviewed favorably by yours truly back in May. The webcast will be on Tuesday, December 2, at 11am PST. Advance registration required:

In this webcast, professional photographer Harold Davis, author of Practical Artistry: Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers and creator of the Photoblog 2.0 and Digital Night web sites shows why night photography has become increasingly popular among digital photographers. He demystifies exposure techniques at night, and explains how he post-processes night photos. Following Harold’s presentation, there will be time for a Q&A in which he’ll answer your questions about night photography.

Secrets of Digital Night Photography Webcast

By John Watson

John Watson is the original founder of Photodoto. If you're interested in what John has been up to, you can browse his personal blog.


  1. Thanks very much for posting this – I almost certainly would have missed the webcast if it hadn’t been for this post and I really enjoyed it.
    If it wasn’t so cold here, I’d be out tonight!

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