Daniel Padavona is a sports photographer with nearly a decade of experience shooting NCAA football. He is the founder of dpStockPhotos.com, an exciting new photo agency where buyers can download images direct from the photographers. He lives in upstate New York with his wife Terri, his children Joey and Julia, and their dogs Ralphie and Dunes.

5 Photography Tips for Making Food Savory

Food photography has always been a passion of mine. Maybe it’s that the subject looks so delicious, or maybe it has more to do with the subject not complaining about bright flashes and having to sit still while the photographer gets the composition just right.


But food photography has also always been a significant challenge for me. It’s not enough to just set up your lights in a standard fashion and expect to capture your subject properly. Making food appear savory and tasty is not easy.

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Abstract Photos of Children

Taking photographs of our children is not just a fun activity. It helps us preserve memories, and share with our friends and families what is happening with our children’s lives. All too often unfortunately we make the photography of our children a boring exercise. This results in photos which are not inspiring, and not particularly memorable.

Let’s be honest. Grandma loves our photos of her grandchildren no matter how Plain Jane they are. And so will we when we dig them out several years later. Nostalgia and memories are far more important than art when it comes to our children.

What we want to do is make some “Wow!” photos of our kids right now. Something we can hang on our wall and inspire conversation with our guests. In this article we will show you a few tricks for making photos of kids a bit more exciting and abstract.

The Wild Angle


Photo by Dan Padavona

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Shooting American Football

Numerous challenges face the photographer new to shooting the sport of American football. Whether you are shooting for editorial outlets, for stock, or as an event photographer, you face circumstances not normally encountered in everyday photography. In this article I will offer advice on the basics of shooting American football, and how to improve your results quickly.

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