Photoshop Video Tutorial: How to Add Warmth to Your Images

Warming up images either on camera or in post production is an easy task to accomplish.


However depending on the image it can sometimes look like ….well we have thrown a warming filter on the image!

In this short video Simon shows a couple of easy but powerful tips to add warmth to your images but do it in a more controlled and subtle way.


Gabe And Gracie Portraits For Portrait Business Promotion


Gabe And Gracie Portraits For Portrait Business Promotion

By Simon Plant

Simon Plant is an award-winning photographer & retoucher with over two decades of experience in the production of people & location photography. Whatever the subject his images share the same unique style and attention to detail from start to finish.These serene moments are created with his personal utilization of colour, light and rich tonal values, together with a personal interaction with his subject. You may check out Simon's website.


  1. Thanks for the great video.
    adding lens flare with warmth make the photo dreamy . Lens flare is actually a built-in filter in Photoshop. You can find it by opening the filter menu> Render> Lens Flare.

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