20 Awe-Inspiring Photographers to Follow on Behance

Behance is an awesome place to find creative photography portfolios and to draw inspiration from. But with so many of them to browse through, it’s really hard to find a place to start. That’s why I’ve collected 20 awe-inspiring photographers to follow on Behance.


Here you’ll find fabulous fashion photography and breathtaking landscape shots. Scroll down to enjoy these brilliant photography efforts that are worthy to both admire and copy.

Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder is a picture maker, cyclist and Photoshop geek. Tim also produces award-winning campaign works for popular brands, such as Adidas, Budweiser, Coke Zero, Craftsman, Gatorade and more. Tadder thinks that being familiar with the subject makes it easier to recreate the look for advertising shoots, so he’s active in sports and exploration.

florencia mazza ramsay

Florencia is a fashion and commercial photographer, retoucher and producer from Argentina, currently living in Texas and working worldwide. Her luxurious portfolio is showcasing her atmospheric and seductive style.

Rengim Mutevellioglu

Rengim was born in 1991 in Moscow and started photography at the early age of 11 years old while living in New York. As per now, she is living and creating her art in Turkey. Rengim is fond of Istanbul, honey and community, she says on her personal website.

Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer based in Denmark. He has managed to combine work as a fingerprints expert in The Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police and taking fantastic photographs of architecture.

Rinze van Brug

Rinze van Brug’s love of art began at an early age. He was inspired by the movie Beat Streets and Wild Style, which have influenced his artistic approach. He worked for a long time in Amsterdam, creating murals for stores and restaurants. Rinze said that “Each photograph shows my ability to capture the moment, the pose or the scene as he brings each photograph to life.”

Suren Manvelyan

Suren was born in 1976 and started to photograph when he was sixteen. He became a professional photographer in 2006. His latest popular series of close ups of a human eye–entitled “Your beautiful eyes,” together with a similar series on “Animal eyes”–have had millions of views on the Web. They were published by National Geographic, Yahoo!, Die Zeit, The Sun, Daily Mail, The Independent, Telegraph and many other popular places. Also, he plays five musical instruments–the guitar, cello, piano, block flute and lyre.

Ashburn Eng

Ashburn is a fashion creative and conceptual fashion stylist based in Singapore. He is available for commercial, editorial & conceptual shoots. Ashburn’s Behance portfolio completely reflects his personal style–vivid, bright fashion shots and experimental perspectives.

Jon Reid

Jon is a travel photographer from London. Photography is a visual diary that helps him to capture the moments he saw. He started photography as a hobby, which has been developed into an all-consuming passion.

Diana Ionescu

Diana is a bold make-up artist with an outside-the-box perspective on life. She loves to find unconventional ways to express herself by playing with colors and forms. With dramatic and glamorous touches, her photos are always something worthy to see.

Trevor Brady


Trevor Brady is specializing in fashion and advertising photography. He has been working with such famous brands as Adidas, Dakine, Verisign, Sales Force, Business Objects, Brooks Running, AMO and Century 21. He has got a unique insight into the clients’ needs while working as a creative director for a leading North American interactive advertising agency.

Tom Hussey

A creative photographer, Hussey’s award-winning Novartis ‘reflections’ photo project showing elderly people looking into the mirror at their younger selves was hot on the Internet for a while upon its release. But his lesser-known portfolio on Behance is worth a look. There are plenty of equally creative photography projects to get inspiration from.

Anthony Kurtz

Anthony Kurtz is one more award-winning commercial, editorial and art photographer in this list. He was born in California, grew up in Switzerland and currently living in Berlin. Combining natural and studio light, he sculpts light to create a special atmosphere, make the photograph tell a story, and to spark viewers’ curiosity.

Pauline Darley

Pauline Darley is a French fashion photographer. Despite her young age, she already has a lot of impressive collaborations under her belt, including Marie Claire, L’officiel and Elle. Her Behance portfolio includes female fashion and commercial portraiture, showing true elegance and beauty.

Gem Fletcher

Gem Fletcher is an award-winning art director at Getty Images in London, collaborating with photographers across the world. She has a talent for teaming up with make-up artists, stylists and lighting experts to create photo essays that impress from the very first glance. Just imagine human sculptures, people with animals’ hair or retro sports.

Ana Dias

Ana was born in Portugal and has graduated from the Oporto Superior School of Art; she went straight into teaching at this institution. The style inspired by the pop culture and 50’s pin-up girls tells us a story that reminds us that beauty is real. She has a passion to create colorful scenes and glamorous characters.

Johannes Heuckeroth

I’m pretty sure that everyone thinks that architecture photography is one of the most simple genres, as the buildings don’t move. But, in fact, any other element on the image is beyond control. Johannes Heuckeroth managed to tame the urban landscapes to produce high-quality and eye-catching images.

Sebastian Lang

Sebastian Lang started his photography career back in 2008 and since then has become a professional in shooting fashion. He likes to mix his pictures between studio and outdoor locations. Among his clients are some really fabulous magazines, such as Elle, Huf and Runway.

Jürgen Heckel

Jürgen is a German photographer who loves to single out particular elements of surroundings and capture their true, unique nature. In his portfolio, you’ll find the beautiful complications of stones, sand, plants and trees.

Andrey Yakovlev Lili Aleeva

Moscow-based photographers Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva create fashion that’s awesome enough to be seen and published on Behance. Hundreds of female portraits, vivid colors and unexpected poses make this duo’s portfolio really outstanding.

Mikko Lagerstedt

Mikko Lagerstedt is a fine-art photographer from Finland. He produces post-apocalyptic landscapes that definitely take your breath away! If that doesn’t draw you in, you probably shouldn’t be on the Internet.

Last Word

Hopefully, this collection gives a boost to your creativity. There is a big chance I have missed out some other cool portfolios on Behance, so don’t be shy to share your favorite links in the comment field below. More inspiring showcases and photo tips are on the way, so follow us on Twitter to stay updated.

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