I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to try out, a unique site that allows photographers to not only sell stock licensing rights to photos (like iStockPhoto) but also to sell event prints at prices you set through a turnkey, customizable e-commerce system. The combination makes it a one-stop solution for selling event photos and also the “left overs” from events that could be used as stock.

Disclosure: is a sponsor of Photodoto. I make money if you buy Photostockplus products or sign up for a pro membership through links on this page.

Photostockplus has a lot of very nice features. For one, it makes setting up an e-commerce website for selling your photography extremely easy. There are dozens of templates to choose from and you can customize it with your own logo and contact information. One of the big problems with selling event photos online is the sheer number of them and the time it takes to upload them all. Photostockplus handles that problem neatly. You only upload low-resolution previews to their site using their uploader tool. When anyone purchases a print, Photostockplus sends you an email asking you to upload the full-size version so you only have to upload the largest size for the photos that sell.

Two more unique features of Photostockplus are their marketing tools and assignments. The marketing tools allow you to easily create customized flyers, business cards, and press passes. Photostockplus will verify your press pass credentials by phone on demand. Assignments allow buyers to make custom photography requests which can then be reviewed and responded to by pro members.

I’ve used the service for a couple of weeks and I like it. It makes it very easy to set up a professional looking online shop and begin taking orders within hours. There are hundreds of photo products available from prints to mugs to t-shirts. And you can set your own prices on everything and keep 85% of the markup. Photostockplus takes care of the site, billing, printing, and shipping. You just deal with the photos. The only thing I wish Photostockplus allowed for more advanced users was to get at the HTML and CSS for the templates so I could make it match an existing site exactly.

As a special bonus, the first 10 Photodoto users who subscribe to a Pro account using this link will receive a complimentary pass ($40 value) to the Photoplus Expo in New York November 2-4.

By John Watson

John Watson is the original founder of Photodoto. If you're interested in what John has been up to, you can browse his personal blog.


  1. I’ve been a long time member of, and for me, the best part about being with them is the content protection, licensing and overall success of the company. It was started by a photographer, run by photographers (yes I know Getty owns them now) and the focus has always been quality and helping out the photographers as much as the designers who buy the images.

    It should be worth noting that they do offer printing from anything you put online – photographers decision.

  2. has become much more orientated to event photographers looking to sell prints or digital downloads. They now use as the main site. They are connected to labs and allow for self fulfilment of products as well.

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