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Let’s take a closer look at  the new  Movavi Photo Editor.

The completely redesigned interface is the first thing that catches your eye when you launch the program.

Now you’ve got all the tool tabs at the top, and their settings on the right. Quick access to all functions, including “Undo”, “Redo”, “Revert Changes”, and “View Original” buttons in the upper panel makes it easier to edit your photos.

The main and the most important addition to the program is the brand-new set of retouching tools: precise blemish removal, quick red eye fixing, and teeth whitening. Your selfies will be perfect from now on, that’s for sure.

There is also a complete make-up kit that you can use to give yourself or your friends a totally different look: black mascara, eye shadow palettes, lip tints, various shades of blush and eyebrow pencil. You can adjust the intensity and softness of the tools with the help of special sliders so that digital cosmetics look natural. If you are looking for something completely different – go and change your eye color! From navy blue to supernatural red – the program lets you choose any custom tone.

The next thing that has undergone renovation is the Effects tab. There are now more than 100 color filters, effects, and textures.  Plus, you can apply several filters at a time and adjust the intensity of every layer, thus creating an infinite number of possible combinations.

To prevent you from getting lost among this abundance of filters, they are conveniently organized into themed collections:

  • Classic
  • Artistic
  • Textures
  • Color Filters
  • Vignettes
  • Pop art
  • Pop art creative
  • Color Fantasy
  • Posterization
  • Disco
  • Retro

You may notice two more handy categories. In “Popular” you will find a collection of the most interesting effects picked by the Movavi team. The content of the other group is completely up to you: add your preferred filters to “Favorites” to find them even faster.

Another newly added tool lets you copy and paste elements between different pictures. You can trace the object’s outline with the Lasso tool or select a rectangular part of the image. What is also convenient  is that you can change the size and rotate the selected area when you place it in your photograph.

As for other tools, they haven’t been altered fundamentally. However, they have become more convenient in use. Plus, the on-screen tips now give more thorough advice. For instance, objects and background now have short and clear instructions on how to use them properly and how to get better results. Yes, for those who haven’t heard of Movavi Photo Editor before: there are 2 very convenient instruments for photo montage.

The first one deals with unnecessary objects that may spoil the view: random figures, shadows, spots, power lines, etc.  Use  the adjustable Brush tool, polygonal Lasso, and Magic Wand to select objects that you want to be erased from your photo. Later you can get rid of small imperfections with the help of the Clone Stamp.

The second instrument can help you replace the unsightly background with another image. The program applies a smart deleting algorithm that leaves almost no trace of photo manipulation.

The list of available fonts grows with every major update, so the captions and watermarks can be way more diverse than before. Change color and size of the letters as well, choose the opacity level and place text wherever you want.

Here is a list of what you can do in the new Movavi Photo Editor:

  • create flawless selfies using retouching tools
  • try out a bunch of new looks with the digital make-up
  • enhance the image quality by hand or using automatic corrections
  • remove and add objects in pictures
  • replace the background for another image, a solid color, or make it transparent
  • add captions and watermarks
  • crop, rotate and flip photos
  • resize files for quicker uploading on the net
  • work with all popular graphic formats.

At a fraction of the price of Photoshop this program may be adequate for your needs depending on what you do. You can always try their free demo at


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